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Un nuovo trailer di Tin Hearts viene presentato ai Golden Joystick Awards

We are pleased to reveal a brand-new trailer for the immersive puzzle adventure, Tin Hearts, offering a different perspective from the typical whimsical nature of the narrative game. Coming to PC, VR and Consoles in 2023, the darker trailer will be unveiled during tonights’ Golden Joysticks award show stream.

Join the Official Tin Hearts Discord today, home to dedicated content that cannot be found anywhere else. Tin Heads who join will have the opportunity to register for a limited closed BETA, with full access to speak directly with the developers, Rogue Sun.

Tin Hearts is brought to life by Rogue Sun. including former members of the exceptionally talented Lionhead Studios development team, responsible for the critically acclaimed Fable series.

A narrative puzzle adventure game set in an alternate-timeline Victorian universe, the Tin Hearts trailer follows the thought-provoking story of the genius inventor Albert J. Butterworth whose story is unravelled through increasingly elaborate and immersive puzzles in the Lemmings-like adventure.

Wishlist it today.

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