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Aggiornamento sul Bulwark Builder Fest da parte di Tomas Sala

Hi everyone,

As you can see the demo is now available. This is an unlimited version of the pre-alpha version. You can play through the tutorial and beyond as random encounters are spawned after the tutorial. You can fly anywhere in the open world, though the area beyond the tutorial zone isn’t filled up with content yet. You can still try to establish colonies in all the cool places of the Ursee.

The demo also has a freebuild mode, which is a mode in where there are no constraints and you can build regardless of resources, a sort of experimental freeform mode. It has little guidance and the tutorial is a good place to start, but if you feel that itch to explore and experiment without guidance, free build is the mode for you!


I actually put the demo online Sunday and have been working on an update based on the first feedback. That updated version is now available (monday).

Most notably it improves control settings for mouse with separate axis for edge turning and inversion. It also explains better that the Surveyor isn’t a direct control vehicle, it will fly towards your cursor location when you command it to, but you do not steer it directly. I added a little beacon to make this more intuitive.

Good examples of feedback being digested and turned into an update 😉 Which is exactly the point of this demo.

As you might know, this is a mostly solo developed game, so for me this is going to be an overwhelming week, but I am trying to respond to everyone personally. If you have an issue or feedback please provide as much information as possible, especially for a tech support questions, if you have feedback please be civil and try to write it in a constructive manner. This literally helps me get through items faster.

I am super stoked to hear all the feedback and hopefully see some cool creations by you all.
don’t be afraid to ask questions, on steam or on discord.

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