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Tiny Troopers: Global Ops deploys for action


It is time to lock and load and get boots on the ground as you respond to your call of duty. Tiny Troopers: Global Ops deploys on March 9th.

Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is an action-packed co-op twin-stick shooter for up to 4 players in which you lead an elite squad on action-packed missions to defeat hordes of heavily armed enemies from all corners of the world!

Watch the launch announcement trailer below:

Size is no barrier to these giants of the battlefield! The Tiny Troopers are battle-hardened, razer-focused and raring to take on daring new missions behind enemy lines. So, suit up and lead your squad into explosive battles with epic campaigns that will see you deployed to war zones in all four corners of the globe.

Prepare to jump right into the heat of battle in an epic Campaign Mode. Team up with up to 4 players for local Co-Op action or Crossplay across PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Play with your squad where ever they play – and remember, we never leave a soldier behind. Are you ready to take the fight to the enemy whilst dodging withering hailstorms of gunfire? Then answer the call of duty and lead your squad of Tiny Troopers to victory today! You’re the best of the best, and it’s time to prove it in Tiny Troopers’ biggest-ever missions.

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Tiny Troopers: Global Ops


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