The Falconeer Soars Through The Cloud On Stadia Today

Announcing the release of the critically acclaimed, BAFTA-nominated The Falconeer on Stadia, Google’s gaming platform that lets you instantly play video games on screens that you already own.

The Falconeer asks players to climb atop a giant warbird and take to the skies in a breathtaking experience set above The Great Ursee, an oceanic world teeming with mysteries. Dive headfirst into a unique adventure filled with intense aerial dogfights, jaw-dropping set-pieces, and immersive storytelling.

There’s something very fitting about The Falconeer finding a new nest in The Cloud. We love how Stadia lets players jump between screens and experience games on their own terms, without technological shackles, much in the same way as high-flying Falconeers are encouraged to venture out and explore The Great Ursee with complete freedom. Make sure you head to our discord (link) and share your thoughts!

How many egg puns could he squeeze in there. It’s left my head scrambled, but this time omlettin it slide. 😊

 For more information about Stadia, visit the official website.

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