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The Falconeer is available to download on Steam RIGHT NOW!

Ascend Falconeers!

Residents of The Great Ursee rejoice! Launch day is finally here, and The Falconeer is available to download on Steam RIGHT NOW!


The Falconeer is also available in the form of the Digital Deluxe edition

It comes with a digital game guide, documenting everything you need to know about The Ursee to prepare you for your adventure – with detailed descriptions of items and enemies, as well as lore about all the locations you will discover, accompanied with beautiful high-quality artwork from the game itself!

You will also receive a copy of the games breath-taking soundtrack to download and enjoy, featuring 29 tracks composed by Benedict Nichols!

From soothing sweeping music perfect for exploring the unknown, to pulse pounding drums signalling the arrival of intense combat, the OST is just as unique as The Falconeer itself!

You can order it right here: The Falconeer Day One Edition

Spread the word!

If you are enjoying your time in The Falconeer – please go ahead and leave a review, then go ahead and share the launch with everyone you know that needs a Warbird in their lives!

If you want to know where all the cool birds hangouts – or have any issues or feedback with the game, then come and join other Falconers, share stories, screenshots and suggestions and stay up to date with all the future updates to the game!

Join The Falconeer Discord : discord.gg/falconeer

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