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The Falconeer Soars onto Game Pass

If you have a keen eye and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass – you may have just spotted a particularly awesome piece of news!

This week our very own #Bigassbird is joining the Game Pass line-up, and anyone with an active subscription will be able to grab a Warbird of their very own and uncover the lost secrets of the Great Ursee!

The Falconeer on Game Pass supports Xcloud, Console, and PC – meaning whether you’re on the go, next gen, or last gen, you’ll have a #BigAssBird in the hand at all times – which is worth a few more than two in the bush.

We are thrilled to introduce even more Falconeers to the incredible world of The Great Ursee and cannot wait to hear about all of your adventures!

Game Pass Falconeers… Prepare To ASCEND!!!

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