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New Martha Is Dead Trailer and Demo

This first Martha Is Dead demo will be available to from Friday 1st October through to and including Thursday 7th October. Including different excerpts from the game, plus an exclusive ending scene and additional elements that won’t feature in the final release, you don’t want to miss this playthrough! These excerpts will serve as a consummate vertical slice to give players a feel for what’s to come, with at least an hour of playtime on offer.

To celebrate we’ve a launched a cryptic new WWII Trailer… follow the code to take part in something pretty special….

Also, we are honoured to announce that Martha’s father, Erich, will be voiced by celebrated German actor Udo Kier, who has been a leading figure in both German and International films for over 50 years. He has appeared in legendary films such as the 1977 Italian supernatural horror classic Suspiria.
Right through to appearing in a couple of Madonna’s videos.
Most recently, Kier played the leading role in the critically acclaimed and award winning film Swan Song. His role in Martha Is Dead – which came about as a result of a shared vision and belief in the project – sees him voice Erich in three languages; Italian, English, and his native German.

The setting has always been an incredibly important part of Martha Is Dead. Italy in 1944 was a country paralyzed by panic and paranoia. With the Germans occupying the north as the Allies liberated the south, loyalties were strained as the nation quite literally split in two. Udo Kier was a perfect fit for the role of German Officer and father of the twins. It is a real coup for the team to land him.
Built in Unreal® Engine 4, Martha Is Dead combines real-world locations, working in links to historical events, superstition, folklore, and deep psychological distress.

Martha Is Dead will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 and the Xbox family of devices. Make sure you join the Wired Discord to tell us what you think of the Demo and Wishlist below:

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