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New Martha Is Dead Console Patch

A new patch is available to download for Martha Is Dead on the following platforms :

PS4 – Build No: 1.02
XB1- Build No:
XSX – Build No:
Win10 – Build No:

Full patch notes are as follows :

– Numerous minor polish and fixes.
– Reimplemented 400iso film for The Hangman trophy.
– Improved performance and increased stability throughout the game.
– Re-built lighting throughout the game to fix lighting issues.
– Adjusted which rooms are accessible during The Graveyard.
– Fixed issues with subtitles being cut-off.
– Increase the resolution of numerous textures.
– Corrected the lighting for dark levels.
– Re-adjusted shadows throughout the game to be more realistic.
– Re-adjusted UI icons to be clearer.
– Improved the game save system to avoid corruption.
– Added additional sound effects.
– Remove black spots from appearing on the terrain and objects outside of the house.


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