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This years Golden Joystick Awards just wrapped up – and those of you that stayed until the very end may have spotted a familiar face at the curtain drop!

Closing out the show was the BRAND NEW trailer for Martha is Dead – titled ‘Remembrance’ If you missed it live, you should DEFINITELY watch it now – as always, 18+ only and viewer discretion advised!

Wow – if that doesn’t get you asking some questions about exactly what we have in store for you next year then nothing will!

If this is your first time being introduced to Martha – let us catch you up to speed!

Martha Is Dead is a first person thriller created by LKA, the team behind our award winning thriller ‘The Town of Light’
It merges the beauty of the Tuscany countryside with the encroaching ugliness of war to create a psychologically impacting story based on real history, superstition, darkness and dreamscapes and it’s launching on Next-Gen (current gen now we guess?! – seriously, look at those visuals!)

But what is it about?

It’s 1944, and the body of a woman has been found, drowned and desecrated, by the side of a lake in the depths of the Italian countryside. Martha is dead, and now her twin sister must deal with the fallout from her murder, whilst the horror of war draws ever closer…

Martha is Dead will launch later in 2021 on Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S | PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You can add the title to your Steam Wishlist here : Martha Is Dead on Steam 

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