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Martha is Dead Flesh Flies Trailer – Watch now!

The brand-new ‘Flesh Flies’ trailer for Martha is Dead made its debut at the Future Games Show, with even more details revealed during the Wired Direct last night!

(Warning: Content not suitable for children – viewer discretion advised).

Watch the ominous new trailer, ‘Flesh Flies’:

The Flesh Flies Trailer includes a first look into photography in Martha is Dead, while showcasing how integral it is to the gameplay experience. Photography will be needed to progress the story, but also has elements of entertainment and historic value for players in discovering what photography in the 1940’s was genuinely like.

Set in the Italian countryside of Tuscany during the Battle of Chianti at the end of the Second World War, a drowned and desecrated body of a woman is found by the side of a lake… Martha is Dead. Now her twin sister must go alone to discover the truth of her murder which is shrouded by mysterious folklore, all whilst the extreme horrors of war intensifies as it draws ever closer to home.

From the creator of the Town of Light, Martha is Dead is a first-person psychological thriller which combines disturbing and dreamlike tones to explore the acute trauma of loss, relationships and psychological undertones experienced in a dark period of history through the eyes of the young, female protagonist. Martha is Dead pushes boundaries and makes players question what they are seeing.

Martha is Dead will launch in 2021 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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