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Lumote: The Mastermote 3D Model

Want your own Lumote to live in your pocket? Just download this 3D model and print to your heart’s content.

We would love to see what adventures it gets up to. Tag us with #Lumote on your favorite social media platform.

We made one and took him on his first adventure outside of the great depths.

The dandelion reminded him of Power Jellies he had to puzzle past.

He felt right at home boating on the lake.

The daisy made it squeal with joy.

This great big hairy thing was more terrifying than anything in the great depths.

If you haven’t played Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles yet. Squish, bop and bounce through the Great Depths, an underwater world filled with Motes; bioluminescent creatures who spend their lives deep in the Bioverse, living on the rhythms of an electronica soundscape. Lumote is a Mote different from others; inquisitive, and with an “eye” on power. When the shift causes the Great Depths to turn red, Lumote sets out on an epic quest to return the world to blue. To do so, Lumote must learn to take control of the Great Depths inhabitants and gain mastery of its puzzles in order to defeat the greatest Mote of them all… the Mastermote!

It is available on physical copies for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 from the Wired Store.

Head to the game page to see where to buy

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