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LKA Lift the lid on Techniques Used to Bring Martha Is Dead to Life

Innovation and Unreal Engine take ’indie’ gaming to new heights, learn more about the work that goes in to crafting a masterpiece with our brand new teaser for Martha Is Dead, and an interview with LKA Games Creative Director Luca Dalcó!

Watch the feature “Crafting a Masterpiece”:

“The term powered by Unreal engine, is more than just a marketing saying – the innovation the team at Unreal help developers unlock is unimageable, as seen through the recent Matrix tech demo. They also give us the chance to push further on game quality giving us economical support on development. We’ve utilised features but also have managed to place LKA at the cutting edge of new tools, being early adopters of the MetaHuman technology, which we’re excited to continue to reveal more on”. – Luca Dalcó


The interview covers a whole range of subjects surrounding the game – from the usage of next generation Unreal technology, mechanics such as photography, as well as the legacy of The Town Of Light and using the Tuscan setting as a vehicle for storytelling



Built in Unreal® Engine 4, Martha Is Dead combines real-world locations, working in links to historical events during the latter stages of World War II, superstition, folklore, and deep psychological distress. The game opens in the depths of the Italian countryside as Allied and Axis forces turn the nation into a pincered playground.

Martha Is Dead will also be getting a physical release on PlayStation and a soundtrack on triple vinyl.

You can check those out right here


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