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ICYMI – The Wired Steam Publisher Sale!

Hello again and welcome to another ICYMI blog! Once again NO VIDEO this week, so grab your reading glasses and a drink of choice and settle down for a blockbuster roundup of all the indie news from Wired! And believe us this week there is a LOT to cover!
So let’s get started shall we?

Note we have TWO video embeds from Twitch this week in the blog that DO autoplay because embeds will NOT BEND TO HUMANITIES WILL. May be worth scrolling down and giving them a quick pause until you’re ready to watch ’em before you get some DNB and Deliver Us The Moon mixtapes happening.

Which now I mention it, sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea.



  • The Wired Steam Publisher Sale
  • #WiredLive This Week
  • Wired + Limited Run = ?
  • DUTM PC Patch
  • Falconeer On Switch First Look


The Wired Steam Publisher Sale

Kicking things off – on Friday we announced our BIGGEST and BEST ever publisher sale on Steam!
With up to 90% savings across our range of indie classics and recent releases alike!

The sale is running until June 11th so don’t miss out on the chance to dive in and grab a bargain or two – and if you fancy hitting the wishlist button on all of our upcoming 2021 releases such as Lumote, Toy Soldiers and Arcade Paradise, that’s a pretty smart decision too!
Here’s a quick run down of what’s on offer!

Deals :

  • The Last Inua – 90% Off
  • Super Dungeon Bros – 85% Off
  • The Town Of Light – 85% Off
  • GRIP Combat Racing + DLC Up To 82% Off
  • Vostok Inc. 70% Off
  • Close To The Sun 60% Off
  • Avicii Invector + DLC Up To 55% Off
  • Those Who Remain – 50% Off
  • Deliver Us The Moon – 40% Off
  • The Falconeer + DLC – Up To 33% Off
  • Fractured Minds – 15% Off



If THAT wasn’t reason enough to be hyped – we’ve also got a kick ass competition on the go where you (YES YOU!) can win a $100 Steam Credit AND a ROCCAT Pyro Keyboard AND a KONE Mouse!
Pretty generous right?

To enter the competition look for the BIG RED BANNER BUTTON on our steam page – and go checkout the hottest indie games you didn’t know you needed whilst you’re there by clicking RIGHT HERE!


#WiredLive This Week

There is a LOT going on in #WiredLive this week! Our new Community Manager co-pilot Lina is taking a dive into some of our games live on Twitch as part of the celebrations at 14:00 BST / 09:00 EDT / 06:00 PDT every day this week except Thursday where our usual evening GRIP community night will be on offer! Here’s a quick rundown of the viewing order :

  • Tuesday – Those Who Remain Twitch Stream
  • Wednesday – Close To The Sun Twitch Stream
  • Wednesday – TL;DR Arcade Paradise Direct Interview
  • Thursday – GRIP community Race Night
  • Friday – Deliver Us The Moon Let’s Play Twitch Stream

We’ve already finished a fascinating trip to the stars with KeokeN today hosted by Lina, which you can view RIGHT NOW over on our VoD!



Make sure that you’re following us on Twitch and subscribed on YouTube to get those glorious live notifications!


Wired + Limited Run = ?

Less of ‘News’ and more ‘Sneaky Tease’ Both ourselves and the forever physical champions of Limited Run have been sharing out a little bit of mystery over the weekend…


I’m not very good at maths and can’t quite figure it out myself, so guess I’ll have to wait il later on in the week for a bit of clarity with the rest of you!


DUTM Steam Patch

Keeping the subject firmly planted on SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEEEE – there was a sizable 4.8gb update to Deliver Us The Moon on Steam over the weekend that fixed a few issues users were having with RTX features and upgraded the game to the latest version of unreal 4 for better visuals and performance!
If you’re the sort that likes to know EXACTLY what each version of your games brings to the table – then you can launch yourself over to the patch notes by clicking right here!


Falconeer On Switch First Look

We announced The Falconeer was coming to PlayStation platforms and Nintendo Switch and a lot of folks (okay, maybe not a lot but enough that we decided to say ‘Bet’) didn’t believe the entire of The Great Ursee would fit on the portable Switch device.
Never one to shirk away from a challenge we grabbed an early build of the game from under our QA teams noses and put it on Twitch for all the world to see!

Battling against the muggy heat of the start of the UK summer, and the usual Kraken antics spoiling their best plans, Gary and Tegan took to the skies and showed everyone an early bird glimpse of what to expect!
If you missed it, fret not – you can catch it right here.

(Once again this is super early in development build of the game, so pardon any squawkedness!)



Alright, that’s gonna do it for us today!

Go pick up a bargain or two from the steam sale, wishlist some games and enter our competition before the end of the week – then bookmark those streams to get some quality time in with the #WiredLive crew!
Of course this isn’t ALL the exciting news we have – would you believe us if we said there were MULTIPLE things of EVEN BIGGER HYPE PROPORTIONS than seen here still to come?

Because there is, we just aren’t sharing them JUST yet – but i’ll be back on Monday to recap all of them for you, In Case You Missed It!

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