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ICYMI | The Loudest Update

Hello again Wired Family and welcome to another episode of In Case You Missed It!
We’ll be keeping it short and sweet this week – but don’t fret, that just means we are working hard on some VERY exciting news to share with you soon!

With that being said, let’s get to it! As always you can catch this update in video form below!





  • Falconeer Patch Update
  • Motorhead Day
  • Black Label Update
  • SIOW Campaign Update
  • #WiredLive Schedule
  • Monthly Competition


Falconeer Patch Update

Kicking things off we have a slight adjustment to last weeks big ol’ Falconeer update! Turns out that something got in the water to make the fish extra slippy and therefore unable to be caught!

The culprit source has been identified and dealt with, and you are free to return to fishing to you hearts content – good news for warbirds, not so great news for the fish themselves!


Motörhead Day

Saturday saw the arrival of the loudest day of the year! The fearsome ‘8th Of May’ roared onto the scene and Motörhead fans around the world came together to celebrate the life, music and legacy of Lemmy and co.

We raised a glass or two ourselves, having been fortunate enough to bring Motorhead to the world of Victor Vran in the ‘Through The Ages’ expansion – a time tripping homage to the absolute bad-assery of Motörhead, loud music and demon slaying
in a quest to confront the queen of the damned.

If you haven’t experienced the hard rocking Victor Vran expansion yet, you can pick it up in the overkill edition, available on all platforms right now.



Black Label Update

Speaking of Victor, last Friday the Wired Black Label countdown ended, and we’ve had some messages from the fans clamouring to get their hands on the very first Black Label release as to where the pre-orders are!

Worry not folks – the pre-orders will be stating VERY soon, and we have some incredibly exciting news about the options available!

Keep your eyes peeled!


SIOW Campaign Update

The #SaferTogether campaign taking place over May for Mental Health Awareness Month is well underway, and so far your combined efforts, streams and generosity have raised over £6000, which is frankly incredible – well done!

However, just because the Safe In Our World Streams have ended this week that doesn’t mean the job is over! There are a multitude of content creators out there still raising money for this incredible cause, so keep on cheering them on, sharing their content and chipping in where you can!


#WiredLive Schedule

We’ll be putting our money (and awful food) where our mouth is this Thursday, with a HUGE BLOCKBUSTER EXTRAVAGANZA STREAM on #WiredLive Twitch, starting at 1pm BST and running until we say we are DONE – with every penny raised being donated straight into the #SaferTogether campaign.

We’ll be playing a multitude of SIOW recommended games as well as some community favourites, spotlighting some incredible SIOW content, performing forfeits and challenges for all of your donations, and generally having a grand old time in the name of video games and charity!

For more information and the planned schedule, visit our Tiltify page by clicking here : Tiltify Page
We hope you join us!


Monthly Competition

And finally our Close To The Sun competition has ENDED – winners should now have their emails in their inbox, well done to all of you!
But, when one door closes, a moon window opens, and we’ve let loose another Deliver Us The Moon collectors edition straight from WSA command itself!



As always this will run until the end of the month when we will be picking our lucky winners and setting another competition on the go!

Okay, there we have it! Another week, another update and the promise of some very exciting news from all angles for you soon! Go enter our competitions, keep sharing your screenshots and creations with us on Twitter, and prepare for a live stream the likes of which you’ve never seen on Thursday!

I’ll be back on Monday with the latest news and recap of this weeks antics, In Case You Missed it!

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