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Hello Wired Family, it’s time for another episode of ICYMI! Your weekly update of all the antics in the world of Wired!

This week we take a look at the upcoming fundraiser from Safe In Our World, dabble in the world of GRIP E-Sports, and prepare you for a Falconeer update greater than the Ursee itself!

As always, you can catch all of these updates in video form right here!



Lets get started!


  • Black Label
  • SIOW Fundraising
  • #WiredLive Schedule
  • GRIP Tournament XLNCEsports
  • Falconeer Photo Competition and Patch
  • Avicii Sale

Black Label

Before we dive into the meat of the update, a quick reminder that the upcoming Wired Black Label collection Pre-Orders will be available in 10 days!

These premium editions of our games are designed with the super fan in mind, and will be kicking off with ARPG Victor Vran as the flagship instalment, you can register your interest today on our website and be notified as soon as they are available!

Black Label Pre-orders

SIOW Fundraising

You may have heard of Safe In Our World, we’ve mentioned them once our twice over the years, a video game charity that aims to help challenge the stigma of mental health discussion both within, and surrounding the gaming industry.

Starting this weekend and for the entirety of May, they are engaging in the ‘Safer Together’ fundraiser in order to help raise money for their future endeavours and initiatives as they continue their mission to ensure that every player and employee in the industry feels safe and has the resources to reach out for help.

This is coming in the form of a series of streams running from May the 1st to the 7th and featuring publishers, ambassadors and content creators all flying under the SIOW banner for a worthwhile cause!

There are some lovely incentives including some limited edition coffee cups, facemasks and pin memorabilia for you collectors out there.



You can catch us hosting a fundraising stream on Tuesday the 4th, where we will be exploring the universe in No Mans sky with the SIOW community over on the #WiredLive channel from 7-pm BST, but you should most definitely be sure to check out and support all the other streams and make lots of noise!

Additionally, the cast of #WiredLive will be continuing to support with a blockbuster super long, title still in progress Wired Live show on Thursday the 13th, an all day affair featuring community games, interviews, rewards, forefeits and giveaways!

We’ll be sharing the goals and features of this show with you very soon and hope you’ll join us in making an incredible show for a fantastic cause.

For more information on SIOW’s Fundraiser, visit their campaign page by clicking here
And join their Discord here to find out how to take part! 

#WiredLive Schedule

Speaking of #WiredLive – Last week we took a trip to all manner of haunted locations in the hope of some good old ghostbusting action, instead we ended up with tomfoolery and shenanigans, no ghosts were identified but at least the entire crew made it out with their lives and wits intact… eventually.

If you missed out, worry not, we’ve got the VoD for you recorded on our live video page!


We will once again be live this coming Thursday at 19:30 BST / 14:30 ET / 11:30 PDT for some SIOW discussion and community games, don’t miss out!


GRIP Tournament XLNCEsports


Keeping things streaming focussed, the GRIP combat racing community took part in another E-Sports tournament this weekend, where the most skilled drivers in the fastest Rollers and AirBlades battled for supremacy and bragging rights in front of a live Twitch audience, as wel;l as shared their secret tips, race routes and techniques for all up and coming racers.

These are becoming a bit of a favourite watch around the office – and its easy to see how they manage to humble us in the community race days!

If you want to see a slick E-Sports presentation and grab some combat racing action, you can see the VoD right now over at XLNC Esports Twitch page! We can’t wait for the next one!



Falconeer Photo Competition and Patch


Our Avicii score chase competition ended on Friday, congratulations to everyone that submitted scores and took part!
We have once again opened up a #WiredChallenge – this time to all of you budding Falconeers!



The recent Atuns Folly update added a TON of content, including the deadly duel wielding legendary aces who hunt down notorious pirates with ruthless efficiency – and YOU, if you get caught red handed once to often.

We want to see your best snaps of these fearsome foes taken in photo mode and shared with us on twitter using #WiredChallenge – we’ll pick the ones we like the most and give out some Wired game code goodies for creativity!

There’s also a big patch update hitting The Falconeer later this week with lots of gameplay changes, bug fixes and general improvements, keep an eagle eye out for it!


Avicii Sale


Finally, last week we honoured the anniversary of Tim Burgling’s passing by donating all earnings from Avicii Invector from every platforms online sales to the Tim Bergling foundation.
Thank you to everyone that joined us during the celebration stream, and that helped contribute to the money raised.

We launched a 30% off sale on Nintendo Switch on the same day for those of you who haven’t yet taken a trip through the furthest reaches of rhythmic space, this sale is still ongoing but will be ending next week.
You can get on that sale right now by visiting the eShop page

And with that, we come to the end of another show, don’t forget to get that black label reminder set on our store, Wishlist all of our upcoming indies, and go get those Falconeer snaps!

Additionally you have a whole host of amazing stream content with the SIOW fund raising to look forward to, so be sure to go and get the schedule locked into you memory!

We’ll catch you on #WiredLive this Thursday, and you’ll catch me again the same time next Monday with all the latest news for you, In Case You Missed It.

Stay safe, stay WIRED


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