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Hello again Wired Family and WELCOME to this weeks ICYMI!
We’ve got a slew of news this week, from Falconeer patches, charity fundraisers, Arcade Paradise hype and MUCH more!

As always if you prefer your updates in video form you can hit the video below :

Let’s get to it!


  • Falconeer Patch
  • SIOW Campaign
  • #WiredLive Tuesday Stream
  • Eurogamer Article Arcade Paradise
  • #Wiredchallenge
  • Kickstart Career
  • Black Label Preorders

The Falconeer Patch

Starting off with a bit of news from last week – The Falconeer received a great beefy update on Xbox and PC that fixed numerous pesky bugs, improved those already GORGEOUS storms, tuned some visuals and much more.

Additionally, after release there was a request from several fans for Brazilian Portuguese language support, we’ve heard you – and can happily confirm that text localisation has been added for this!

Go ahead and download the new update and get back out into the Great Ursee!



SIOW Campaign

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and there’s no better time to fundraise for worthwhile causes!
Video Game charity Safe In Our World are doing JUST THAT! And their week long celebration of video games and fundraising to help raise money for their initiatives is well under way!

We sat down with the SIOW team last week to discuss the #safertogether campaign and to put some names and faces to the incredible folks behind the scenes, if you missed it, you can find it right here!



#WiredLive charity stream

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week – and you may have just spotted that tomorrow we’ll be joining the SIOW on #WiredLive to explore the universe in No Mans Sky! (This WILL be replacing our usual Thursday stream this week!)

We have a Tiltify open RIGHT NOW that is collecting donations into the SIOW pool, with some fiendish forfeits for the team on every penny raised – want to see the #wiredlive gang get pied on stream? Join them in some community shows? Challenge them to perform video game feats and much more? Then feel free to contribute to the fundraiser – every stretch goal will unlock even more content both DURING and AFTER our super long charity stream on Thursday the 13th!

You can see the donation page in support of Safe In Our World right here : Tiltify Page

Eurogamer Article Arcade Paradise

We’ve been spending most our lives living in an Arcade Paradise since announcing it during #WiredDirect – and you’ve been eager and chomping at the bit to learn more!

Well today Eurogamer put out an enlightening article powered by a lunchtime whiskey and a love of childhood arcade memories – Andreas from Nosebleed shared their very own arcade nostalgia as well as detailed some of the core gameplay loop you’ll be experiencing in Arcade Paradise and much more. Go give it a read then get it on your wishlist!

Eurogamer Article 


This week we are pointing our challenge squarely at the adrenaline junkies – the speed freaks, those with a need for ludicrous speed!
Simply beat Garys GRIP time trial lap and share it with us on Twitter using #WiredChallenge and you can win a Wired game key!

Here’s the rules!

  • Map : Thermophobia
  • Engine Power : Normal
  • Pickups : On
  • Vehicle : Warlander
  • Lap Time : 01:10:465

Good Luck!

Kickstart Career

We are looking to HIRE YOU – maybe.

We’re proud to support the Kickstart scheme and help young people start their career in the games industry!

If you’re :
Aged 16 – 24
Out of education
Claiming universal credit

Then you can apply for our new Social Media, QA and Design roles here – interview spots are filling up, so if you fit the above criteria and want to join our team – sign up here : Application Form

We can’t wait to meet you!

Wired Black Label

Finally – The very first Wired Black Label Collection is open for pre-orders THIS FRIDAY!

Black Label #01 is a passionate celebration of the art and music of Lemmy and Motörhead, Doug Cockle and everything in Zagoravia that combine to make Victor Vran the stylish over the top ARPG experience that we know and love.

You can register your interest on our store right now, and with only 2,500 being made for Nintendo Switch and Ps4 platforms, they are going to be snapped up QUICK so move fast!

Wired Black Label Store Page

Okay, that is going to do it for this weeks update!
We’ll see you tomorrow on #Wiredlive for some exploration of the galaxy with SIOW – make sure register for black label reminders, take on our challenge, and hype up that #safertogether campaign for the world to see.

I’ll be back this time next week with the next batch of updates and excitement, In Case You Missed It

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