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ICYMI – A touch of Italy

Hello there Wired family, been a hot minute! In between bank holidays, general exciting indie business and my own well earned break, our ICYMI updates have been watching, waiting, (anticipating) to jump back into your eyeballs and give you a roundup of the latest news!
And would you believe it, the time is now!

Settle down with your beverage of choice and grab a handy recap of all the news from the world of Wired – then share it with your friends, because that’s what friends do!


  • Town Of Light Black Label 2
  • New Martha Screens
  • Martha Previews
  • Matt Levels Up
  • Sales

Town Of Light Black Label

So in the time since we last spoke we not only announced the existence of Black Label #02 – but got pre-orders for it up and running!


Our second Black Label release focuses on LKA games masterful ‘The Town Of Light’ and includes:

  • THE TOWN OF LIGHT PS4 enclosed in the limited Black Label variant inlay and sleeve.
  • Stunning art prints hand-chosen by LKA developer founder Luca Dalcò.
  • CD and Digital Download soundtrack by acclaimed artist and musician Aseptic Void.
  • A Wired Razor authenticity card – individually numbered.
  • Iconic razor cut Alu-dibond art print.
  • Collectable trading cards from the Wired Productions collection.
  • All housed in a bespoke high-end Black Label silver box wrapped in the Wired Razor Sleeve – a black finish with an embossed tattoo motif


Pre-orders are now live for The Town Of Light Black Label – available from our friends at limited run games in the US – or direct from our store for the rest of the world

New Martha Screens

We’ve teased a little more of Tuscany with a few new Martha Is Dead screenshots floating out in the wild! And would you believe we have even MORE to keep your eyes drooling over just how BEAUTIFUL this game is?
We’ll be sharing those mater though – gotta keep you somewhat keen 😉 – but for now just in case you missed, here’s a visual feast for you – but only if you promise to go and wishlist the game, deal? Deal!






Martha Previews

But it isn’t just the screenshots out there – we ran a super slick remote press event a couple of weeks ago – and peoples thoughts on their time in Tuscany is beginning to make its way into the wild!
We’ll have a recap blog later this week recapping all the updates for those of you that just can’t get enough, but for now here’s a couple of teasers :

“Playing through the first hour or so was both intense and captivating” From ScreenRant 

“…this has the potential to be one of those games that sticks in your mind long after the credits roll. We’ve only played the first hour or so, and we’re still thinking about it..” From Video Games Chronicle

“Every horror fan needs to pay attention to #MarthaIsDead because it is truly one of the most messed up experiences I’ve had in gaming in a long time, in the best way.” From Game Informer

“…I came away from the demo jaw agape from some of the most intense scenes I’ve experienced in a game this side of Silent Hill.” From Windows Central Gaming

This is but the tip of the coverage so far, and there’s plenty more to come – but so far so good right? (WishlistWishlistWishlistWishlist)

Matt Levels Up

Our very own Gulag dwelling maestro, Matt ‘Monster’ Punter levelled up last week! He also dropped the stunning revelation he’s been moonlighting as Ed Sheeran on the side – the audacity.
You won’t catch him on socials all that often, BUT you will often find him on Twitch playing Warzone – badly, so feel free to wish him a happy birthday and request a song or two – we keep asking but he only performs wonderwall, getting a bit old tbh.

(Love you Matt!)



This is usually where there would be a BILLION EXCITING SALES TO SHARE
And there will be, but they kick off a little later this week, so basically keep an eye on our socials to save big on great indies!

You can currently save 75% on Tiny Troopers XL for Nintendo Switch by clicking here
And 50% on Deliver Us The Moon for PlayStation (the digital deluxe version no less) by clicking here

You’ll have to be quick though, these ones are ending soon!

Alright, that’s gonna do it for me – lovely to drop some hype bombs on you again, keep your eyes peeled for some magical announcements on our socials this week, go ahead and wishlist Martha Is Dead, and shar Black Label with anyone you think would want to buy a super limited collectors edition – they wont be on sale forever!

I’ll be back sooner than you think with another roundup of all of the Wired news, In Case You Missed It

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