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Hello there Wired Family, and welcome to The Wire…I mean, In Case You Missed It!

We’ve taken a little time to look at how we structure our updates, and now that the Wired Direct dust has settled, our exciting new games are revealed and this rather snazzy new website is up and running, it’s time to get back to the serious business of keeping you updated with all the news from the wonderful world of Wired!

We have a sharp new name, a packed content schedule and more games for you to wishlist than you can fit into an opening monologue – so without further ado, lets get started!

Those of you wanting to HEAR the things as well as see them, can do so below!




  • Countdown To Black Label
  • Meet The Community Manager
  • #WiredLive Schedule
  • CTTS On Sale
  • CTTS Competition
  • TLDR upcoming
  • Martha Is Dead Article


Talking Direct

After many hard months of preparation, we were FINALLY able to share our 2021 lineup with the world in the form of Wired Direct, our very first all digital show where we unleashed a smorgasbord of new games, interviews and updates with the presenting talents of Julia Hardy!
Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month (or if you want to watch it again, we wouldn’t blame you) You can see it for yourself right here.



Countdown To Black Label


The Wired Black Label collection was yet another announcement from the Direct! A premium range of special editions of our games, crafted with the super fan in mind as a celebration of art, music and of course the games themselves!
The very first one in the collection will be ARPG favourite Victor Vran, and pre-orders are going to be available in just 25 days!

You can register your interest by visiting our store today and visiting the Black Label page right here : Victor Vran Black Label


Meet The Community Manager


The new additions to the website don’t stop coming! Last week Tegan kicked off a brand new series in the form of our ‘Meet The Team’ blog – which aims to put some voices and faces to the Wired team and the developers of our games!

The very first of these features this interesting chap who you may recognise from our #WiredLive shows and.. well it’s me! Go check out the interview today for a rundown on all manner of discussion from content creation, getting into the industry, and what it means to work art Wired : Meet Gary Interview 

If you’re hungry for more reading material, and want to get a better understanding of the talented teams behind each of our Wired Direct games, you can also feast your eyes on this ‘Meet The Developers’ article! : Meet The Devs Blog


#WiredLive Schedule!


Wired Live has evolved! Where once there was twice weekly short streams we now have a bombastic schedule of content – all visible on the ‘Wired Live’ section of our website!

Mondays will be dedicated to these very updates for you to get a handy all in one recap of the world of Wired
Wednesdays will be dedicated to the wonderful Tegan giving you a 30 minute rundown on a subject of her choice
And Thursdays to the brand new Wired Live streams – where we bring on a whole host of the Wired Team, share exciting updates, run giveaways and  party up to play games with the community!

The new streams will be running from 19:30 BST / 14:30 ET / 11:30 PDT EVERY Thursday, and we have some very exciting plans for future shows. Make sure you are following us on Twitch in order to join us for our spectacular live streams by clicking right here : Wired Twitch 

Additionally, EVERY video, be it Youtube, Twitch or anywhere else will be archived on the Wired Live page itself! Meaning you can catch up on all your favourite Wired shows in one place – we really do spoil you.

There’s also some  brand new shows appearing on a Tuesday and Friday – but we’ll share more on those later!


Close To The Sun Sales


Close To The Sun, our science fiction steampunk thriller that cares NOT for the laws of time and space is currently on sale on Xbox and Nintendo Switch!
Step on board the Helios, a gargantuan scientific paradise ship created by Nikolas Tesla as you search for your missing sister and attempt to navigate the aftermath of science gone VERY very wrong.


There is no set time on the end of the Xbox sale, which will see you able to pick it up for £10.49 if you are a subscriber to Xbox gold – whilst the Nintendo Sale starts today, and ends on the 26th of April for 75% off steampunk adventure on the go!
You can book your tickets to the Helios right now on the following links :

Xbox Close To The Sun
Nintendo Close To The Sun


Close To The Sun Competition


Our Deliver Us The Moon competition is over and winners are about to be notified! As such in the spirit of giving we are spinning another competition up right now! Allowing you to be in with the chance of winning one of our GORGEOUS Close To The Sun Collectors Editions for PlayStation 4!


This is an incredibly limited collectors item – it even comes with its own certificate of authenticity with a number notifying its position in the batch! We’ll be running this competition until the end of the month, which you can enter here and gain chances to win for checking out our social content – which you should be doing anyway because it’s good stuff people!

Enter the competition right here : CTTS CE Competition



The very next TLDR Episode will be launched on Wednesday where Tegan covers Wired Direct in a little more detail, if you don’t have time to watch the entire show – then THIS is the video for you!


You can hit notifications right now with the cute little bell in the corner of the video to be reminded when it goes live, or simply keep an eye for our socials when we sing about its arrival – your choice!


Martha Is Dead GamesRadar Article


Martha is dead received a brand new trailer of the direct, showcasing some of the photography elements you’ll be tasked with performing over the course of the game (as well as some rather unnerving looking characters – best watch it with the lights on)
Additionally, the team at Games Radar sat down with Luca from LKA games to discuss the darkness of life in the shadow of WW2, one of the core themes and the backdrop for the events of Martha Is Dead

The interview is a fascinating read, and we’d highly encourage you to go and give it a look to discover exactly why Martha stands apart from other war and horror stories, before heading over to Steam and putting it on your wishlist! : Martha Is Dead Interview 

Okay that is going to do it for this weeks ICYMI! go get yourselves entered into our competitions, get notifications enabled for our YouTube and Twitch content and go forth to kick down the doors of the rest of the week!
You can catch our socials in the links below to stay up to date with everything – but otherwise I’ll be back on Monday with another update, In Case You Missed It 😉

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