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Hello Wired family, and welcome to another ICYMI update! Your hub for all the activity around the wonderful world of Wired.
This week we take a look back over Avicii Invector as we pass over the anniversary date of Tim Berglings tragic passing – and put a spotlight on the charity installed in its wake.

Just as before, if you prefer your news to come in video format, we have a high energy reading of this weeks update available for you RIGHT HERE!


Let’s get to it.


  • In Loving Memory | Avicii
  • Avicii Competitions
  • TL;DR – Episode 6
  • #WiredLive Schedule
  • A Triple Sale
  • The Last Worker – Switch Interview


In Loving Memory



Last year we were fortunate enough to bring Avicii Invector to Nintendo Switch, a neon fused journey through Tim Berglings greatest hits, as realised by the man himself, and helped to raise awareness of his music and legacy in a unique way.

Tomorrow marks the 3rd anniversary of Avicii’s tragic passing, and now more than ever it is imperative that the world continues to highlight the plight of those with lived experience of mental illness and suicide – because of this, on Tuesday 20th April, 2021, for a full 24 hour period, Wired Productions and developers Hello There Games will be donating 100% net receipts from digital sales of all versions of Avicii Invector and its DLC across all platforms, to the Tim Bergling Foundation. which advocates for the recognition of suicide as a global emergency.



The Tim Bergling Foundation was set up by Klas Bergling, and its work includes supporting science-based organizations engaged in preventative actions against mental illness and suicide, particularly in young people.
For more information visit https://www.timberglingfoundation.org/


We’ll be sharing our own stories and some snippets from working on Invector on our socials in honour of this occasion  throughout the day as well as playing the game in a special live stream on the Steam page tomorrow evening – be sure to keep an eye out and join us in marking the day with as much joy and music as possible.


Avicii Competitions


On top of this, we are currently running a score chasing competition for those who already own the game, with people who beat our hi-score having the chance to win any released Wired game of their choice!

Rules :

Song – What Would I Change it To
Difficulty – Hard
Score To Beat – 11090


We’ll be picking a few winners on Friday, so you’ve got a little time to get some practice in and share your submissions with us on Twitter using #WiredChallenge

Additionally, the mods of the official Avicii Discord server are hosting a competition for content creators to submit their own creations to be used on the server as banner imagery and emotes, as well as win a copy of the game for their platform of choice.
For more information – you can visit the official discord and check out the competition channel for more details at Discord.gg/avicii


TL;DR Episode 6


This Wednesday the next instalment of TL;DR will be live from 4pm BST! This time Tegan will be taking us on a deep dive of Fractured Minds, Emily Mitchells award winning short that takes you on a journey through the mind of a youngster dealing with the struggles of everyday life, and shining a spotlight on the importance of mental health.

Hit the link below in order to be reminded when the video goes live!





Last Week we took a seat and chilled out with the Game.biz Indie awards (congratulations to all the winners!) before indulging in a spot of golf with Aaron! Subjects ranged from the Gilmore Girls, to Flamingo Land and everything in between! With a healthy amount of betrayal and the discovery that acorns make absolutely USELESS golf balls.



If you missed the show, you can catch it above for your viewing pleasure, as well as drop a follow to get notified when we go live again – which as always will be on Thursday at 19:30 BST / 14:30 ET / 11:30 PDT


A Triple Sale


We have a trio of games available at a discount price on Nintendo Switch right now!

Vostok Inc. The game from NoseBleed who you may recognise as developers of our upcoming Arcade Paradise is currently available for 75% off until April 26th, allowing you to take over every planet in our known galaxy, make an absolute TON of MOOLAH and live out your filthy space capitalist dreams, kind of like the wolf of wallstreet but in space!

Meanwhile Close To The Sun, our steampunk time breaking thriller is available for 50% off until the 25th of April, allowing you to visit the Helios wherever you are!

And finally Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL joins the 75% discount club until the 25th of April, allowing you to experience massive combat on a micro sale, and get familiar with your squadron before Global Ops launches later this year!

You can find links to these sales right here!

Vostok On Switch
Close To The Sun On Switch
Tiny Troopers On Switch


The Last Worker Interview


Finally, over the weekend, NintendoLife sat down with Jörg Tittel, one of the minds behind upcoming ‘The Last Worker’ to discuss Jerry Bruckheimer, Megalomania, and the challenge behind bringing something as unique as The Last Worker to several platforms.
It’s a fascinating read – so be sure to hit this link next time you put the kettle on to get an insight into the Jörgs fascinating mind!

The Last Worker Interview

Alright – that’s gonna do it for this week – plenty to get your teeth into, we hope you’ll join us in our celebrations of everything Avicii tomorrow! Don’t forget to get your score competition entries in – and don’t forget that out Close To The Sun competition is still ongoing until the end of the month!

We’ll catch you on #WiredLive this Thursday, and you’ll catch me again the same time next Monday with all the latest news for you, In Case You Missed It.

Stay safe, stay WIRED!

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