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From Rags to Riches: Arcade Paradise Gameplay Trailer Drops

Freshly folded and with the just out of the dryer feel. We present a new gameplay trailer for Arcade Paradise. Wash away the blues and sink into the retro fuelled 90’s neontastic (totally a word) homage to arcade games and laundry. I know you will be dying to watch it, so spin over here to take a look…

Take a load off and load up the Arcade Paradise demo on the Wired October Fest.

But hurry because this cycle doesn’t last forever. It will be scrubbed away on the 15th of October.

Press start on the first days of building your own ultimate arcade, but you will have to put in the elbow grease or the Tide will turn. Playing as Ashley. Can you handle the day to day running of a laundromat and make sure your Father doesn’t cotton on to your dreams? Or will your plans just unfold around you and you throw in the towel before you lose your shirt?

Too many laundry puns? Well we just have a dryer sense of humour.

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