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Five things you need to know about Martha Is Dead

Here’s five thing we learned from the trailer from Wired Direct:

1: Dark psychological thrills

You’ve seen the trailers to-date, but flesh files showcases something altogether more dark; Martha Is Dead is a psychological thriller, and it plays on your emotions as much as the jump scares.

2: LKA are masters of narrative

At Wired, we’ve worked with LKA since The Town of Light, and we’ve been itching to show more of Martha Is Dead for some time. The narrative journey is woven deep into the gameplay in-game, and the story is as impressive as the visuals.

3: Shutter speed

The camera features heavily in Martha Is Dead, and you’ll be able to develop photos in your own dark room. We’ll talk more about this feature soon, but the camera is an integral mechanic to the game, and you’re going to love it.


4: Beauty in detail

Tuscany is a beautiful place, and the setting for Martha Is Dead is real; you can visit the locations featured in the game; backing up LKAs status as one of Italy’s leading developers.

5: Location, Location, Location

The woods, the lake, the dark room; there’s some  many inspiring, and sometimes chilling places to visit in Martha Is Dead. We showed more of this locations in the latest trailer, and remember, there’s detail in everything, with secrets to explore around every corner.

A first-person psychological thriller set at the end of the Second World War, during the Battle of Chianti, in Tuscany, Italy. Intense moments, twists, reveals and gorgeous visuals. Martha is Dead pushes boundaries and makes players question what they are seeing.

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Martha is Dead will launch in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, and the Xbox family of Devices.

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