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Five things you need to know about Lumote

We promised you things you’d never expect, and we delivered with Lumote, the cutest, squishiest blob. Want to learn more? Here’s five thing we learned from the trailer from Wired Direct:

1: The biggest quest awaits

Lumote features a story that tugs at the heartstring, and players will go on a journey unlike any other. Lumote might be cute, like the bioluminescent world they inhabit, but it’s a big world out there.

2: You can see all of it

While you’re playing, you can see everywhere you’ve been and everywhere you’re going, so you don’t just know how far you’ve got to go to complete the game; you can see what it took to get you where you are.

3: Synesthesia

Featuring an inspired score, the music is as diverse, rich and inspiring as the visuals, taking you on an electronica, trance-like adventure.

4: rEngine

Crafted by industry veterans, rEngine was created to deliver the visuals that delight your eyeballs. It handles all the hard voxel work, so the artists can spend their time crafting intricate puzzles to guide you in your quest to defeat the Mastermote.

5: Red Vs. Blue

As you progress throughout the game, players need to turn as much of the world blue as possible, overthrowing the Mastermote and his obviously not nice red. There’s more to I than this, but that should be enough to wet your appetite for now!

A gorgeous puzzle platformer, Lumote sends players to an underwater-like neon world of shapes and colours where players take control of its inhabitants to solve increasingly complex and varied puzzles.

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