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Dev Blog : About Epiphany

Attention Troopers!

We’ve got a brand new intel drop for you today – but it’s a little bit different from those past!
Today is Australia Day! And as the devs behind Global Ops (Epiphany) hail from there, we decided to put the spotlight on the developers themselves and give you a quick rundown as to who they are, and their working history with Tiny Troopers as a franchise!

This ain’t their first rodeo!

Read on for a history briefing, then standby for further development updates!

About Epiphany

So, Epiphany is a small indie dev studio, based in Sydney, Australia. We’ve been around for a while, and made a few games, cutting our teeth on a broad range of games. From RTS games to text-based RPGs, to puzzle games, platformers, game-ports, apps, middleware, and more. We’ve made these both for ourselves and for a massive range of partners ranging from Sony and eBay to kids TV shows, to tiny start-ups… and right now we’re working on the next instalments in the fantastic Tiny Troopers series of games!

As I mentioned, Epiphany is a fairly small team, including myself, Sam as Lead Design and Producer, Anitta our Lead Artist and general amazing magical art unicorn who is able to do pretty much everything ever, Morgan as our CEO and general tech wizard, Matt our QA lead and admin genius who does all of the horrible tasks and we love him for it, and of course our unstoppable programming super squad of Sam C, Josh, Richard, and Nikita. This is of course our ‘core’ team, and we couldn’t get any of it done without our other amazing team members of animators, level designers, icon artists, sound design/engineers, and many other incredible, knowledgeable, and gifted developers we get the pleasure of working alongside

Previous Missions

Now, of course it’s not the first time we’ve worked on Tiny Troopers. We first made contact with the wonderful publisher of Tiny Troopers, Wired Productions, over in GDC in San Francisco many years ago, over a few beers (and maybe a few more) with Leo from Wired. Out of that, Wired invited us to help out on a port of Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops, and we even got to contribute some content, adding in the ‘Zombie Edition’ content pack.

That experience was so much fun, as was working with Wired, we immediately wanted to make more Tiny Troopers content, and we continued on helping out with a few more ports over several more years until they (and the also-wonderful Kim at Kukouri, creators of Tiny Troopers) were ready to make the sequel we had been super keen to make as soon as we’d initially worked on Joint Ops.

Having an ongoing working relationship with Wired is super important for us as developers. Of course, publishers bring their marketing and publishing expertise to the table, and there are few as good at it as Wired are, but getting access to a publisher, and in particular getting dev funding help, can be very difficult to achieve and the paths to that can be very limited. Relationships are always key and having collaborated with one another for a number of years, and on some *very* challenging other projects was definitely vital in helping everyone involved to have the confidence to build a game that would do justice to this much-loved franchise. It’s one thing to want to make a game, it’s entirely another thing to have the confidence and the ability to execute, and we’ll never not be thankful for Wired’s confidence in us to deliver a game that we know will kick copious amounts of butt.



To Be Continued

We’ve worked hard on this game, and of course all the Covid shenanigans has thrown up some hurdles in addition to all the hurdles that always get thrown up in any and every game’s development, and we just can’t wait to get it to the people who’ve played and loved the previous instalments of Tiny Troopers as much as we do.

There you go, consider yourself briefed on the wonderfully talented team bringing the Tiny Troopers their biggest mission yet! If you haven’t already – wishlist the game – there’ll be plenty of exciting intel coming for you very soon!

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