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Deliver Us The Moon Ready For Lift Off

It has been a couple of months since we had to abort our mission to launch Deliver Us The Moon on Google Stadia.

We were in deep yoghurt as our command module spun out of control, but we got the downlink and snagged the glitch. You may have spotted on the Google Stadia Blog That we are good to go and will be launching on Stadia Pro on July the 1st.

It is now T-minus 12 and a half hours until we launch and we are phase-locked. that gives you just enough time to head over and watch the devs talk about the making of Deliver Us The Moon on our Wired Live YouTube.

This will be the third game we have sent into orbit on the Google Stadia. Joining The Falconeer and Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles.

We love the Stadian community so much and if you would like to rendevous with us. Join our official Discord and come shoot the breeze about all things Stadia.

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