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Atuns Folly Update!

Free Update For All Players Available NOW!

Live the pirate life with ‘Atun’s Folly’, a free new update The Falconeer!
Announced during Wired Direct – you can catch a birds eye view of all the exciting new content added in the trailer below!

If you haven’t already sampled the BAFTA nominated The Falconeer, check it out on Steam now.

  • Partake in criminal acts to become a pirate! and navigate the perilous waters of the Great Ursee, be a menace and see your pirate levels increase!
  • Discover Atun’s Folly, a unique new pirate settlement atop of a giant turtle.
  • Experience epic new pirate missions, as you take down trading vessels, steal loot and attack Imperial or Mancer forts.
  • Complete mini story side quest and return to civilized society by defeating legendary aces that stalk the pirates (mini boss level fighters).
  • Take on a new pirate assault story mission targeting Atun’s Folly (when you are not a pirate), starting from Castellus.
  • Conquer fearsome new enemies ridden by legendary aces including the formidable Phoenix, mighty prehistoric Pteron and the menacing Ormir drake.
  • Dual wield a new Pirate Magnetar Rifle, for maximum damage.

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