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Arcade Paradise Closed Beta Weekend One.

July 9th to 10th is the first session of the closed beta and today is the last chance to sign up for session one of the limited closed beta.

The closed beta will run in two groups. The first will be playable between July 9th and 10th, with group two between the 16th and 17th

Tap on the code below to gain access to our discord, where you can register and be considered to play the limited closed beta.


What can you do in the beta?


How do I report and bugs I find?

The feedback you give will help us improve the game in many ways. Whilst we can not reply to every individual report. please note that every one of them will be read and reported.
Please fill in the form over at:
Arcade Paradise Feedback

If you miss out on this weekend. There is always the next one, so make sure to sign up.

Arcade paradise will be launching 11th of August on:

Nintendo Switch
and of course

Stay up to date with all the latest updates for Arcade Paradise through our modern internet set-up.

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