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Arcade Paradise Announce Free Thumb Guards

We have received reports from some players alleging they had experienced what is now known as ThumbBurn™, following extended play sessions of Arcade Paradise.

These players all feature in the global online leaderboards and have been button-bashing for a significant amount of time without breaks. Whilst there is no scientific proof that ThumbBurn™ is real, nor does Wired Productions accept liability for any allegations of ThumbBurn™ occurring as a result of playing Arcade Paradise DLC, We do take the thumb safety of all players seriously as such Wired has released a limited number of Thumb Guards, free of charge via the Wired Productions online store. These are available on a strictly first thumb, first served basis.

You can get a Thumb guard HERE. Dr Bob talks about ThumbBurn™ below

We are also releasing the KUNG FURY: STREET RAGE DLC on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!

Already a cult hit with score-chasing gamers, Kung Fury: Street Rage is a fully licensed and playable game brought into Arcade Paradise and sits alongside over 35 original, original games created by Nosebleed Interactive.

“To clarify – the launch of the Kung Fury: Street Rage DLC has nothing to do with the alleged ThumbBurn™ issues taking place at this time.. Some may say it’s a marketing stunt, but this is thumbthing we take very seriously” Said Neil Broadhead, Head of Marketing at Wired Productions. “We are thankful to players, content creators and reviewers who have got lost in the world of Arcade Paradise.”

“Thank you to the Arcade Paradise community worldwide whose passion and support for our game has been unrivalled from start to finish.” Said Andreas Firnigl, CEO and Founder of Nosebleed Interactive. “Seeing the critical acclaim from fans and reviewers alike makes the development journey feel so much more rewarding. We give them two thumbs up!”

If you haven’t had the chance to play Arcade Paradise yet. What are you waiting for?

Go grab a copy HERE.

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