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Black Razor Records | Ep #30 | Wired Unplugged Podcast

This week on Wired Unplugged, hosts Jake Kulkowski and Aaron Cooper announce the arrival of Black Razor Records and its first release ‘Arcade Paradise’ EP.

Wired Productions have announced the arrival or Black Razor Records a new label, whose aim is to bridge the gap between the video game and music worlds and to provide music creators a platform to showcase and commercialise their talent.

Tous les bénéfices des ventes de l'EP Arcade Paradise sur Bandcamp seront reversés à l'association caritative Safe In Our World, qui s'occupe de la santé mentale des joueurs de jeux vidéo.

Check out the video below:

And a link to buy and Stream the songs.

Arcade Paradise EP

Jake and Aaron also take a look at the wider gaming news including the confirmed GTA 6 leak, The future of Assassin’s Creed and Fire Emblem.

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