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Arcade Paradise reçoit le DLC Pinball

Pull up to our bumper, baby. because we are flipping out! Get that plunger out of the toilet and into the pinball machine.


Announcing a new expansion for Arcade Paradise.

The Vostok Inc. Pinball DLC

A brand new retro-inspired Vostok-themed table that gives players the opportunity to fulfil their pinball wizard dreams with tilt functions and missions designed to test your reflexes to the max! Based on the cult-hit twin-stick shooter sharing the same name, land skill shots across the table to increase your multipliers and hit the multiball for MAXIMUM MOOLAH!

Watch the latest trailer here:

We also can announce. Arcade Paradise: High Score Edition – an all-in-one package allowing players to complete their DLC collection, or to purchase the base game and every DLC expansion released, including the Coin-Op Packs, Kung Fury Cabinet and of course, Pinball.

Arcade Paradise: High Score Edition


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