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Wired @ Gamescom 2022

Hello Wired friends, it has been a MINUTE since we had an adventure update – and since we are in our post Gamescom glow we were looking through our pictures we collected during the show and decided to share them with you! Strap in and join us on our journey to Germany!



We kicked off with our crack ‘A’ team of Jono and Ant heading out to Germany first thing on Monday with the framework of our stand in the van for an 8 hour road trip during which they listened to nothing except Belinda Carlisle, they met up with some more hands on site to start the building of the stand and get things ready for the public before a well earned rest and the knowledge that Belinda mixtape was gonna get another run on the drive back.

The ‘unglamorous side’ of an event, the hours spent building stalls and crawling around to install everything and get our games up and running for the masses! Special shout out to AMD for supplying the hardware on site and the staff in the venue itself for their assistance!


Thankfully by the end of Tuesday the rest of the crew turned up and the hard work had paid off and we had all of our games set and ready to go!


At this point all that was left to do was put the finishing touches on the booth, make more appointments, and catch up with the last of the trade show show meetings that happen before the show opens for public, vitally important these as they often lead to the kind of meetings and deals that result in new games being signed or appearances on new platforms, wonder if anything this year will end up in a future wired announcement…. hmmm.

Oh, and Mauro made full good use of sampling the local cuisine (well earned, might we add!)


And with that the team settled down for the evening with our wonderful developer partners for a drink, some food and a well earned rest before a hectic 5 days of indie goodness!


The opening day was every bit of hectic as anticipated (trust us, this is a good thing!) with old friends dropping by to come and catch up with our latest games, and new people discovering their next favourite indies for the first time – a great mix of familiarity and excitement that you don’t really get in digital events – and one of the reasons we’re so glad to be back at physical ones (safely!)

Of course gamescom wasn’t just about getting people to play our games for the first time that people already knew about, it was about announcing brand new games and release dates too! On Wednesday night as part of the Future Games Show, we took over the tail end with 3 trailers announcing Hotel Architect and Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles as well as the launch date for The Last Worker! If you missed any of these announcements, you can see the new trailers and further details (as well as important wishlist locations) over on our announcement blog!

Just in case you thought we were done there, we aren’t! Over the weekend the Indie Game Booth Twitch Stream was graced by Dre from Nosebleed Interactive to update everyone on all things Arcade Paradise, and Jörg Tittel, Writer / Director on The Last Worker, who both had spots on the show to talk alongside playthroughs of their games and talk about the wider worlds within them (and letting us get these snazzy behind the scenes pictures!)


If you missed the show the Twitch VoD is still available here – with Arcade Paradise near the start and The Last Worker 8 hours in!

There was still one more piece of #WiredHype on Saturday though, with Tin Hearts winning the award for ‘Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Game’ during the IGN award show! Chris from Rogue Sun appeared on the livestream to collect the award and give an interview on the finer details of the upcoming puzzler – AND WE ARE SUPER PROUD OF THE TEAM! The first award of many no doubt!

Here’s a little photo drop of the interview and Chris vibing with the trophy!



With all of that in the bag, the weekend passed in a blur and before we knew it it was Monday and time to go home! Anastasia and Steve made time for one last selfie before hitting the road though, and you know what? We think they enjoyed it!


Thank you to everyone that came to play our games during the show, and those of you that hyped our announcements online outside of it! If you stopped by the Wired stand durting the show be sure to share your pictures and experiences with us on our socials (@wiredp EVERYWHERE) and we’ll have news on our next show appearance VERY soon!


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