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WIN A STEAMDECK | First Hands On And Competition

If you’ve seen the Wired Productions socials this week, you’ll know that we’ve been playing with some Steam Decks sent to us directly from Valve!

Naturally Gary (CM at Wired) decided that he HAD to spend some time playing with it and recorded a nifty little video showing it off – if you’ve been looking for a super quick TL;DR hands on – we’ve got you covered – as well as little sneak peak of Martha running on the device (pre-optimisation of course!)


Okay that looks pretty good right? And now you’ve seen it, you want one!
Well we are feeling pretty generous – and to celebrate the launch of ‘Martha Is Dead’ next week – we’re going to take one of our shiny new decks and GIVE IT AWAY to one lucky winner!

We know, too kind.

To enter, simply hit the link below and you’ll be whisked away to our Gleam competition where you can enter between now and launch for a chance to win a Steam Deck of your very own – It’s that easy.


We are SO excited to be speeding towards launch on Feb 24th – and can’t wait to share lots more exciting blog and video content before then to keep you up to speed with what to expect!
Once again thank you for all your support until now! And please be sure to wishlist the game! If you already have, then show a friend and get them to as well! It means more than you know!

Get your entries in, and good luck!


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