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ICYMI – The Lake, The Arcade, And The Black Label

Hello again Wired Family and welcome to this weeks ICYMI update! And just like temperatures that are making us consider more fans in our interior decorating plans, it’s a scorcher!
We’re mid E3 and on top of celebrating the most fun week in the gaming calendar, we’ve been joining in ourselves with some hot new trailers, some physical announcements you’ll ADORE and of course a spotlight on all the places you can save money on our wonderful indie games!

So without further ado, lets get to it before this ice cream melts!


  • The Tale Of The White Lady
  • Arcade Paradise VHS
  • The Black Label
  • This Week On WiredLive
  • Sales This Week


The Tale Of The White Lady

It’s only been a matter of months since we last checked in with Martha Is Dead, back during Wired Direct we were having our spines all tingled with the flesh flies trailer and a fascinating interview with Luca from LKA!
Well as part of the IGN Summer Of Gaming, we dropped another trailer – this time focusing on the legend of the White Lady who dwells in the lake and what drove this local legend into existence.

A jealous lover, a heartless murder and a neverending hunger fruitlessly sated by the misery and demise of young women foolish enough to seek comfort in the dark arts, is the tale simply a fable made up to scare young children into behaving? Or something darker and more sinister…

YOU can make your own mind up by checking out the new trailer right now – note that it is for 18+ only, and viewer discretion is advised…



Once you’ve come out form behind your pillow if you’re intrigued and want to know more then head on over to the games steam page and hit the wishlist button to stay up to date with all the latest news and development by clicking right here! 


Arcade Paradise VHS Trailer

Of course, we weren’t content to just drop ONE trailer over the weekend – opting to hit you up with another look at upcoming Laundromat and Arcade ’em up ‘Arcade Paradise’.
Taking a boring old instructional video on proper laundromat etiquette and transforming it into an exciting advert for the 3 steps of guaranteed arcade success is no small task, but with the power of VHS technology ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!



Feeling inspired? Ready to PLAY PROFIT AND PURCHASE?!
Then head on over to the Steam page right now and stick Arcade Paradise on your wishlist, then start saving those quarters! (Not literally – just sounded good as a closing line) by clicking right here! 


The Black Label

Last week we teased that there might be something cooking between us and the folks at Limited Run – well we did some talking and it turns out that we both have a love of indie games and getting physical physical!
Because of this we have decided to partner up and celebrate the best of both worlds!

We’re please to announce the fine folks at Limited Run will be handling the US distribution of our recently announced Black Label #01 – as well as The Falconeer on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!




What’s even better – is that these pre-orders are available RIGHT NOW!
You can get your hands on the landmark first edition of Black Label focusing on Victor Vran – or be an early bird with a physical Falconeer Pre-order RIGHT NOW using the links below, with those of you NOT living in the US able to preorder from our store as always :-

Wired Store
Limited Run Store 


This Week On WiredLive

We are still in the process of lining up some VERY exciting things for Wired Live, and as such things are a bit more subject to change than normal (for one, I was back in the office for the first time today! hurray!) Keep an eye on our socials for official announcements of streams and videos going out alongside this weeks scheduled TL;DR interview – this time focusing on the adorable squishy world of Lumote!


Sales This Week

And rounding up the news this week we are pointing out that Deliver Us The Moon and Close To The Sun are available for 40% off each until the 18th of June on PlayStation 4!
There’s some kind of play on words here about sun / moon antics but honestly it’s hotter than the sun itself here right now and heat makes puns hard – so just assume I said something clever and witty.

Oh, and definitely scoop up Deliver Us The Moon if you own or plan to get a PS5 – as PS4 astronauts will be receiving a lovely next gen upgrade for free later this year – just saying!

Save 40% On Deliver Us The Moon
Save 40% On Close To The Sun

And just like that, our time together comes to an end! Hope you enjoyed the read – go give those trailers a watch and share them with your friends, then tell your friends to share them with THEIR friends and so on and so forth!
Keep your eyes peeled this Wednesday for more squishy Lumote time, and look forward to some top tier indie magic over the course of the week as we delve into more Martha and Arcade information off the back of the trailers.

I’ll be back on Monday with another blog for you, recapping all of the upcoming hype and news, In Case You Missed It!


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