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Stick It To NFT’s

Well, you all know we are off to Boston to attend PAX EAST


we wanted to remind everyone about what we think of NFT’s.

So, we thought to ourselves “What if we created a PHYSICAL symbol that puts our feelings across.”

There was only one thing we could do. With our good friends at STICKER MULE.

…We created this.

It is just like a NFT’s, but you can touch it, stroke it and stick it to something.

…and we know what you are asking yourself.

“ I think F**K NFT’s as well. How do I get my hands on this awesome sticker that puts my thoughts across. oh, so succinctly?”

Easy, drop by our booth at PAX and say “F**K NFT’s.”Follow us on YOUTUBE and we will sticker you up there and then.

You can even play some of our games while you are at it.

See you there and remember.

F**K NFT’s

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