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Resumen de PAX East 2022

In what felt like the blink of an eye Pax East 2022 is over, and WOW HOW WE MISSED SEEING EVERYONE AT CONVENTIONS!

When we weren’t getting our underground sticker operations shut down by the authorities (no seriously), exploring the sights and sounds of Boston or recording our very first LIVE PAX PANEL, we were delivering our hottest upcoming indie releases to the masses and press, and getting that all important feedback!

We’ve collected a fine sample of the awards and previews that were taken away from the show as people got their hands (and paws!) on our games!

The Last Worker

The Last Worker debuted in public for the very first time at this years PAX – and players got to explore the induction tour of JFC-01 firsthand!
Marooners Rock even enjoyed the experience so much they opted to give it their Game Of The Show Award!

But what did everyone else think about our story of dystopian delivery? Here’s what the press had to say about their play sessions, and links to the rest of the articles.

CNET – Listed as one of the 13 most exciting games at PAX

“It’s an intriguing game, and I admire it for sticking to its effort to bring bits of the real into this oddball satire…”


The Gamer – Listed as one of the top 5 games at PAX

“The Last Worker’s impressive pedigree and compelling concept make it one of the most interesting games coming this year.”


Game Pressure – Listed as one of the top 15 games at PAX

“…the inviting art style and star-studded cast of voice actors is sure to impress…”


GameStar – Listed as one of the 13 Exciting PC Games at PAX

“…made a good first impression.”

Read More :-,3380011.html


“…it left me genuinely curious to learn more, and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds…”


Not bad eh? If you want to stay updated for future dispatch notifications – be sure to keep The Last Worker on your Steam wishlists!


Tin Hearts

Our charming puzzler from the ex-Fable devs at Rogue Sun stole plenty of hearts at PAX – with its visuals, creativity and atmosphere impressing attendees whilst they tackled the brain teasers on hand – to the point that Marooners rock awarded Tin Hearts the writers choice award! Here’s a run down of how the press came away from their time with the game.

Dot Esports – Listed as one of the top 5 games at PAX

“…adorable …”


Twinfinite – Listed as one of the Top 10 games at PAX

“When it comes to the most creative game at PAX East 2022, it is pretty hard to compete with Tin Hearts.”


Nintendo Link

“Tin Hearts is a game you should keep an eye on.”


If you’re ready to let these soldiers march into your heart, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist now!


Gori: Carnicería de peluche

Before we left for PAX we let the cat out the bag and announced our upcoming ‘be-a-cat-on-a-hoverboard-that-swears-with-a-sad-robot-friend-whilst-you-beat-the-hell-out-unicorns-up’ (yes it’s a new genre, we just invented it) Gori!

As expected fans fell in love with the cuddly but deadly feline and couldn’t wait to get their paws on the game at PAX – here’s what the press had to say.



Prima Games – Listed as one of 7 cool games at PAX

“This game broke me for a minute.”


Nintendo World Report

“…had the scope and vibe of a PlayStation 3 retail game (this is a compliment, to be clear!)”


Nindie Spotlight

“…it can be a weird good time…”


Wicked Good Gaming

“Gori f****ng kicks ass.”


Frame Skip Podcast #96 – Listed as one of top 5 games at PAX

“… might be the most ridiculous game I played at the show – and I absolutely loved it.”

Listen now :-

If you’re feeling a sudden urge to slaughter a horde of unicorns or two after all that – then you can give Gori all the head pats on your wishlist to stay up to date with development!


Arcade Paradise

Arcade Paradise had already proved to be a crowd favourite at WASD earlier in the month, and with many new updates being shown for the first time since the games debut outing in a Steam festival last year, this was a prime opportunity for many players to get their hands on the game for the first time, or to check out what had changed since they last played the demo – and it even managed to win a ‘Best Of PAX East’ Award from TechRaptor!


TechRaptor – Awarded Best of PAX Award

“…shaping up to be a fun little trip down memory lane.”


Nintendo World Report – Listed as one of the 10 coolest games at PAX

“It wasn’t the arcade games alone that sold me, though – it was the vibes.”


Rectify Gaming

“…this game is worth a shot and who knows there’s a good chance you’ll like it!”

Read More :- 

Serious Gaming (combo’d with The Last Worker preview)

“These are both unique and amazing experiences I cannot wait to get more of.”


If you fancy a trip back to the 90’s to get your fill of neon lighting, shell suits, synth vibes and high scores, then get Arcade Paradise on your wishlist now to stay up to date with development!


Lumote: Las crónicas de Mastermote

The first day of PAX was made extra special for us, as it was also the day that we finally released our squishiest game yet! Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles was introduced to attendees to get a taste of the Great Depths for themselves on their quest to take on the Mastermote!

One lucky event attendee even got to take home a Lumote of their very own in one of our competitions at the booth – be sure to take care of our squishy friend for us!

Game Tyrant – 9/10

“Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is a gem for puzzle players!”



AltChar – 8/10

“Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is a breath of fresh air in the modern gaming world as it provides a unique sense of joy”



Geeky Hobbies – 4/5

 “Fans of puzzle games that find the premise at least somewhat interesting though will likely really enjoy Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles and should really consider checking it out.”


Video Chums – 4/5

I absolutely loved playing Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles


If you haven’t tested your puzzle solving skills against the most adorable adventure ever, you can check out the demo right now on Steam (and Wishlist, of course!)


Martha Is Dead

Last but not least, the Tuscan thrills of Martha Is Dead were brought to Boston for those that hadn’t already taken a look at LKA’s latest masterpiece.


Released back in February – Giulia’s wartime story of loss and mystery has already gathered appreciation worldwide, and the queues for Martha were full at our booth over the entire show (apologies to our booth neighbours at the event too, there were more than a few screams from the Martha players along the way)

We also gave away one of our bespoke Martha Is Dead vinyl players in a competition during the event to one of the players brave enough to play the game, perfect for playing the Martha soundtrack when it releases later this year on Triple Vinyl #JustSayinglittlebitofpropagandathereforyou

If you’ve somehow missed out on the existence of Martha, and how the world reacted to it, you can catch the accolades trailer over on #WiredLive


And of course, find space on your wishlist and listen to Giulia’s tale yourself…


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth during the event, it was a pleasure to meet you all and give you a taste of our upcoming releases, be sure to tell all the developers on our socials what you liked most about what you played – and keep your eyes peeled on #WiredLive for the hottest indie game content!


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