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Tin Hearts | Der Power Glove Trailer

We are continuing the Wired Productions Summer of Indie Gaming with a brand new gameplay trailer for Tin Hearts.

The Power Glove trailer, set to the rhythmic tune of ‘Hall of the Mountain King’, provides a glimpse into the world of Tin Hearts’ brilliant Inventor, Albert Butterworth. Albert’s eccentric creations come to life, journeying into the mechanical darkness of his steampunk basement workshop where we witness the devastating strength of The Power Glove.

Tin Hearts is brought to life by Rogue Sun. Former members of the exceptionally talented Lionhead Studios development team, responsible for the critically acclaimed Fable series. Tin Hearts is an immersive puzzle adventure game set in an alternate-timeline Victorian universe, wrapped in a powerful tale of love and compromise. 

In addition, and as part of Wired’s Summer of Indie Gaming, a Tin Hearts demo is available to play now via Steam during the Steam Next Fest.



This joins The Last Worker which is also playable right now as part of the Steam Next Fest.


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