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The Joy of Toys

In Tin Hearts. You control toys lovingly crafted by Albert Butterworth. This got the team talking and eventually arguing over our favourite toys. Here is a list of some of them. I am sure you will have more to add so, get involved in our TwitterFacebook and Discord and let us know which toys spark joy in your heart.

Etch a sketch


To be honest. This only makes my list because I would spend hours scrapping off the coating to see the mechanics underneath.



With names like Blap, Boink, Squit, Klang, Doink, Splat, Cratch, Flop, Lurp, Mork, Snot, and Suk; Boink, Klang, and Squit. What is not to love?

Evel Knievel


Setting up a ramp from a beano annual and seeing the daredevil fly was a highlight of many a young boys’ life.

Bionic man


Steve Austin, astronaut: a man barely alive.
Gentlemen we can rebuild him.
We have the technology.
We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic man.
Steve Austin will be that man.
Better than he was before.
Better, Stronger, Faster.

Everyone of a certain age will have run around their living room making the slow-motion running sound.

Care bears


My sister collected these. There may have been an incident where a leg got pulled off. I am saying nothing else.



No toy list could be ever complete without this handheld marvel. Yes, it needed a backlight and chewed-through batteries, but I still loved it.

Star Wars


In the 90s you could find these at garage sales by their hundreds. Strewn in cardboard boxes. sadly those days are over.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots


Two-player action where you are trying to knock their block off. I always had to be Red Rocker!

Buzz Lightyear



To infinity and beyond. This was the toy of the year when it launched. I had to have one….I was 24.

Stretch Armstrong


Makes the list just because I cut one open to find its stretchy secret. It’s some sort of horrible syrup.

Special mention for the WORST toy. Slinky…It’s just a broken spring.


Remember you will be able to play with your own Tin Soldiers soon. So, give them a wishlist.

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