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Martha Is Dead Steam Patch No: 1.0304

Hey gamers,

We have pushed another patch down the pipeline. The team are still beavering away on more improvements and as they land we will update you.
This build is now updated on Steam, Epic Game Store and GoG

  • Fixed blurry UI elements when in 4K.
  • Shortened crow cutscene during The Burial.
  • The Fool achievement no longer unlocks after finishing the final call without completing all other calls.
  • Added the camera flash accessory to The Burial and The Graveyard chapters.
  • It’s no longer possible to fall into lake within the tunnel if re-visited.
  • The bike will now always return to the house at the start of Memories chapter in order to prevent blocks.
  • Numerous textures with localised text has been optimised. Text is now clearer.
  • Increased the quality of shadows when set to low without impeding on performance.
  • Optimised GPU memory handling to prevent stuttering and increase performance when set to High and Ultra.

Thank you so much for the feedback. It helps us get the patches out much faster.

We have also put episode 8 of Martha Uncovered live.

Check out the playlist here.

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