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Wired is at WASD

What are you up to this week? Because Wired is at WASD, and we’re bringing our latest demos for you to come play!

From Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th of September you’ll be able to find us in London at the Truman Brewery where you can 

  • Play The Latest Demo’s from Bulwark and Gori
  • Give Steve a high five
  • Let our Influencer Exec Steph know about your creative channels
  • Get some sweet Wired swag like wristbands and posters
  • And more!

Need a quick refresher on the games or not going to be able to come and say hi at the event? We got you covered – you can play the demos from the comfort of your own home

Gori: Knuddeliges Gemetzel is an ultra-violent ‘cat ’n ’slash’ action game where you play a cat on a hoverboard fighting hoards of mutated toys to a kickass soundtrack with stunning Unreal 5 visuals – if that sounds wild to you, you’re not alone – GamesRadar recently said it was “The most fun they had at Gamescom this week”

You can also play the demo on Steam now! Remember to Whiskerlist it.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is a city builder created by solo developer Tomas Sala- and called ‘Brilliant’ by Eurogamer!  It combines a living breathing open world with unique 3d building controls that bring the tactile feel of creation back into the building genre, instead of selecting items from a menu – you carve your civilisations out of the very rock of the world itself!

You can also play the demo on steam and Build your Bulwark!

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