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Martha Uncovered | Launch Episode

Hello everyone – taking a brief moment from all of the launch day chaos and excitement to pop in and say ‘Thanks’ – seriously, it’s been one hell of a ride up til this point and it’s nice to take a step back and just take it all in you know?

Right at the finish line as LKA wrapped up development on Martha Is Dead, we asked the dev team to record their thoughts on the journey as a whole for a special episode of Martha Uncovered, you can catch the episode below, as well as some personal words from Luca to you, the fans :

“Hello everyone,

I am Luca Dalcò, LKA’s art director and writer.
I’m here to talk about Martha is Dead, our new game that will be released today!
Today…needless to say, I, and the whole team, are very excited and nervous!
The moment of release is a special one.
Years of work and passion become something real.
All the passion, all the emotions, all the love we put into the game becomes a public thing and we feel naked, it’s inevitable!

It is very difficult for me to describe Martha is Dead in a few words:
It is a psychological horror/thriller that follows the dramatic story of a girl who suffers a great trauma in the context of a world where war is unleashed with all its insane violence. It is set in real places, in Chiantishire, Tuscany in a historical context that is also real, that of July 1944.
But it is much more than that, and it is above all an intimate relationship between the player and Giulia and her way of seeing the world.

With Martha is Dead our main aim is to convey feelings, emotions, so my advice is to try to live the game by favouring emotionality over rationality.
Not that you don’t need to reason in order to understand all the details of the story, far from it!
But I think that at least the first time you play it you should let yourself be captured by the atmosphere, let yourself be dragged into Giulia’s mind, more and more deeply.

Martha is Dead required more than 5 years of development, constantly driven by passion.
Additions, improvements, changes have made the game much richer than what was originally thought… we never wanted to stop developing and telling Martha’s world: the protagonist with her dystopian family, the raging war, the lies, betrayals, the presence of a past still present, religion, superstition.

But here we are, the game is going to be released!

We wanted to create something special to launch Martha is Dead.
The thing I cared about most was communicating the atmosphere you will breathe in Martha’s universe.
On this idea the launch trailer was born.
Julia tells about a nightmare that blurs into reality. A nightmare that is not present in the game, but that, like all the contents outside the game, serves to deepen Martha’s universe.
The whole thing has been realised with Unreal Engine, in real time, as if it were a scene from the game.
A brief meeting with Giulia before entering her mind!

I will never thank enough all those who have been following us since The Town of Light, but also all those who will trust us and immerse themselves in the experience offered by Martha is Dead.
A special thanks to the players who are looking for the connections between Martha is Dead and The Town of Light. It’s amazing and rewarding to see how you can uncover even the most hidden details, the ones we thought no one would ever notice!”


Couldn’t have put it better ourselves to be honest! so we’ll keep it short and sweet, we hope you enjoy your time in Tuscany, there is a LOT of extra things to be excited about today – some of which you might have missed – so for patch notes, schedules and competitions, make sure you visit out launch blog

We’re off to grab a little rest and start grabbing your feedback – until next time, hit the socials below, and we’ll see you in Tuscany!



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