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Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles erhält eine sich entwickelnde Demo

There is a new stage in the development of Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles’ life cycle.

The Evolving Demo.

Announced today at The Mix Direct Spring 2023 Showcase. Foregoing the usual route of ‘beta after beta’, Tomas Sala is launching his first ‘Evolving Demo’. With live demo updates based on real-time player feedback, Tomas is lifting the lid on his development and utilising his passionate community of gamers to help him craft his vision, with the game on show and playable much earlier than traditional campaigns.


Watch Tomas Play and Explain the Evolving Bulwark Demo :

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is a chilled base builder, focusing on the joy of freeform creation. Build, defend and expand fortified settlements shaped by the harsh landscapes of the Ursee. Explore your unforgiving environment, manage the flow of resources as you help to breath life into the land and provide asylum to those lost!

There is no scrollable view of a single map, there is an explorable 3D world in which you can build on any rock, cliff and mountain you can find. Build without a grid or planar restriction, up or down it; does not matter. Meet and hire commanders and specialists that unlock new building options, units and stories.

Putting out a new demo or game is always as anxious as it is exciting. I’ve put in a lot of effort to take in all the feedback and improvements suggested by players already.” Said Tomas Sala – Developer Of Bulwark : Falconeer Chronicle. “This new demo then is an evolving demo, as I’m aiming to continue that process. It will be updated as I continue development and serve as both a showcase and opportunity for players to be heard, I hope everyone enjoys what it has to offer.”

Play the Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles Expanding Demo Today:

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