Leo Zullo talks to IndieGameBusiness

Our managing director at Wired and co-founder of Safe in our World, Leo Zullo talks to IndieGameBusiness about all things indie game and, so much more. Join them on this insightful episode.

They explore:

  • The world of indie game publishing,
  • Covering aspects like being developer-friendly,
  • The current state of the market.
  • Addressing the phenomenon of “publisher bashing.”
  • Mental health in the gaming industry and it’s critical importance to the industry.
  • How Safe In Our World is working towards promoting mental health awareness and support.

Watch the episode below:

IndieGameBusiness features a wide range of talks and podcasts focused on the business of making, publishing and releasing games. Established on the Twitch platform in 2018. This initiative, now a thriving and dynamic platform, serves to affordably educate game developers about the intricate nuances of business operations. Anchored by an active Discord community, a newsletter boasting a substantial subscriber base of over 8,500 readers, a series of weekly podcasts delivered across diverse platforms and the game industry’s longest-running digital business conferences, IndieGameBusiness® serves as a tangible testament to the unwavering commitment and the fervent industry demand for informed perspectives.

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