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Wired Supports Safe In Our World Charity Bundle!

When Safe In Our World reached out to ask if we have any games we could give away for a charity bundle, and before they’d actually hit send for this request, we’d used our psychic voodoo powers to know what they were about to ask, and fired ten thousand keys for GRIP: Combat Racing, or so the rumours go… maybe that’s not true and we just replied to their email. But regardless, we couldn’t be happier to support our friends, shining a positive light in the post-festive Season. At less than 10 bucks (which really, is a crime!) the Charity Bundle will support the continued efforts towards destigmatising mental health within the games industry and for players.

Who is Safe In Our World? Well, the TL;DR actually started here at Wired! Wired MD and Head of Marketing, Leo Zullo and Neil Broadhead, along with a bunch of industry friends set up Safe In Our World on the back on releasing The Town of Light (there is a much longer story and a thousand names for another day!). Neither could have predicted where the charity would be today, and thankfully Safe In Our World now has a wonderful team managing day to day operations, whilst uniting the gaming industry to tackle mental health problems for players and our teams. So it’s Safe to say, we’re invested in what the charity does, and will always support our friends! <3

The bundle is in partnership with Fanatical, worth over $250 and will be available to purchase on February 4, 2022 – 12pm GMT until the copies sell out – which, is happening fast – so be quick!

At its core, Safe In Our World believes that video games can provide an excellent medium to improving mental health, whether this is through personal adventures, group missions, or everything in between. This is of significant importance throughout the winter months where, in the UK alone, around 13 in 100 people experience the Winter Blues, up to 6 in 100 people are thought to have Seasonal Affective Disorder, and the effects of reduced sunlight throughout the post-festive season are particularly detrimental to our overall mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, each unique game within the bundle has been meticulously selected to inspire and support gamers throughout this challenging season.

The upcoming Safe In Our World Charity Bundle features thirteen games and two DLCs kindly provided by the charities Level Up Partners. The bundle offers players a welcome escape from reality during this difficult time of the year for mental health and wellbeing:

· Dragons: Dawn of New Riders by Outright Games

· Adventure Time: Pirates of Enchiridion by Outright Games

· Payday 2 by Starbreeze

· GRIP: Combat Racing by Caged Element / Wired Productions (that’s us – Whoop!)

· N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure by Storm in a Teacup (our buddies!)

· Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure by Curve Games

· Red Faction: Geurrilla Re-Mars-tered by Deep Silver

· Eastside Hockey Manager by SEGA x Sports Interactive

· Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition by THQ Nordic (our buddies!)

· Pure Pool by Ripstone

· The Persistence by Firesprite Ltd

· The Ship: Remasted by Blazing Griffin

· Portal Knights by 505 Games

· DLC Fall Guys: Collectors Pack by Mediatonic

· DLC Fall Guys: Popstars by Mediatonic


Proceeds from the Charity Bundle will go towards providing mental health training, supporting future initiatives from Safe In Our World, and extending the charities Level Up Mental Health Programme, which seeks to challenge all companies within the video games industry to unite and commit to positive change, ensuring safe and supporting work environments in regards to employees mental health, and eliminating the stigma surrounding those living with mental health conditions.

“We are enormously thankful to our Level Up partners for their contribution to this bundle, the support for Safe In Our World from the videogame industry has been huge.” Said Sarah Sorrell, Charity Manager of Safe In Our World. “We hope that this bundle can offer players a true escape from reality throughout the winter season where so many people struggle with their mental health. We truly believe that video games can be force for good, a positive light in the darker days, and this selection of games helps to prove that.”

Click here to read more about the bundle on Fanatical’s side. 

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