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Vote For The Falconeer!

As you are all no doubt aware we are in Steam Sale season (hurray – pick yourself up something nice!) and as part of that the Steam awards have also come back around with hundreds, no THOUSANDS of games all vying for your attention and hard earned votes!

This year The Falconeer has been put into the ‘Labor of Love’ category, one designed for games that maybe didn’t release this year, but have shown continuous love and care from the developer!

Call us biased but we kinda think The Falconeer does just that, and then some on top!
But don’t take our word for it, Tomas Sala the solo developer of the game has sent over a lovely letter to fans old and new of the game talking about The Falconeer and why the combined passion of his own vision and the fans has built the Great Ursee into an even bigger world one year down the line!

Check out his blog post on The Falconeer Steam page, drop a vote for Tomas and then share with your friends!

Hit the link below to get your votes in!


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