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The Steam Winter Sale Has Begun!

Tis the season to save money! Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-lala!

The Steam winter sale has just begun, and we are celebrating in STYLE to round off the year!
You can save up to 84% on a range of our eclectic indie titles! Which ones we hear you ask? Try this for a stocking filler or two!

  • 58% off Avicii Invector and savings on the Tim and Magma track packs
  • 62% off Close To The Sun
  • 42% off Deliver Us The Moon
  • 15% off Fractured Minds
  • 84% off GRIP: Combat Racing and further savings on track packs!
  • 25% off The Falconeer
  • 52% off Those Who Remain
  • 75% off Vostok Inc

That’s a LOT of Moolah saved, what are you gonna do with it all? We’d suggest buying more indie games – but what do we know!

You can start saving RIGHT NOW by heading over to the Wireds Steam page and pick yourself up something nice, you’ve earned it (And hey, maybe wishlist an upcoming game or two along the way whilst you’re at it)

The Steam Winter Sale

Happy Holidays!

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