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No F*cking Thanks

The world is obsessed with NFTs

and our message is simple: No F*cking Thanks.

To celebrate this, we’re releasing a range of epic images that our VP of Product Evolution and Retail Metamorphosis, Bob Packer, quickly put together when we decided we wanted to jump on the bandwagon too. However, here at Wired we do things differently. Yep, our NFTs are free and open to everyone! Forget tokens and blockchain, you can just download the jpeg and it’s yours to keep forever! We release these with a creative Commons licence; do what you want, honestly, we don’t give a sh*t.

Remember NFTs are bullsh*t,

we know it, you know it and the community knows it.

This is just our way of being clear as a company that when it comes to NFTs, we say: No F*cking Thanks.

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