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MCV Interview on all things Wired – “We do things our own way, rightly or wrongly…”

MCV interviewed our MD Leo Zullo about all things Wired, including the launch of the Black Label Special Editions, Wired Presents, #WiredDirect and our 2021 line-up of games. In case you missed it, here is a sneak peak:

There’s a lot going on at Wired Productions. Faced with another COVID-hit year, the publisher last night put on its own livestream event, featuring an impressive new lineup of titles, all hosted by BAFTA and BBC presenter Julia Hardy.

But that’s just the beginning. Wired is also building up its own brand by licensing IP, launching its own Black Label special editions and repositioning its titles under the ‘Wired Presents’ moniker. We talk to MD Leo Zullo about all that and more.

Why Wired Presents, how does it differ from just plain old Wired publishes?
Our approach is different. Wired are not a traditional publisher. We do things our own way, rightly or wrongly, but alongside our developers, we are a family! We fight as one!

We are a partner to all our developers. That is not just a name or a phrase to us – every relationship is different, but generally we work with developers to improve games, and not to just publish them. We do work hard for every single developer to deliver success to them. If we can do that, we’re successful.

Each game is heavily curated – and gets greenlit by the whole team – every Wired team member has a vote on the games we sign. We put a huge amount of work behind the scenes meeting with developers and looking for those gems, and we feel that we do a good job at finding them. But it isn’t always about finding a million-copy selling game… a gem can be a great story, a difficult story, an uncomfortable experience, or just a bit of fun, but all designed to deliver a feeling. There is more value in delivering a unique feeling and a unique experience to gamers, and that is what Wired Presents is all about… a carefully curated range of games that all deliver!

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