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Eyes up Wired family! Time for another ICYMI chock full of sales, competitions and all the new screenshots you can handle!
Once you’ve finished indulging in those 4th of July celebrations (safely!) or for those of us in the UK, a solid Sunday roast – then settle yourself down, grab some hydration and get ready for another dive into all the hottest news from the world of Wired!

Let’s go!


  • The Falconeer Deluxe Double Vinyl
  • New Edge Of The World Screenshots
  • Steam Sale And Competition
  • Games In Italy
  • Win All Our Games!


Falconeer Vinyl

Kicking off with some news from last week! We announced that the phenomenal soundtrack of The Falconeer was going to be receiving its own Deluxe Double Vinyl!

The brand-new limited print double Vinyl for The Falconeer features the works of award-winning composer Benedict Nichols, with performances by Tegen Hitchens, Mikee Goodman, and  Carolina Styles. Benedict Nichols takes listeners on a monumental journey, bringing together an eclectic soundtrack to invoke the dual nature of The Falconeer, featuring razor-edge synthesizers and organs, the sounds of Mongolian throat-singing, Balkan choirs, bagpipes, and cimbalom.



You can get a sneak peak of one of the tracks set against the stormy waters of the Ursee in our video, or take a trip to the Wired store and preview some of the tracks, as well as registering to receive a notification when pre-orders go live – which you should do by clicking RIGHT HERE!


New Edge Of The World Screens

That wasn’t the only warbird news this week however – we dropped a hot batch of brand new screens taken directly from the upcoming ‘Edge Of The World’ DLC – which will be included in the Warrior Edition, and available to purchase separately for already existing Falconeers on Xbox and PC Platforms on August 5th!

Take a birds eye at these!


Looking pretty sweet right? New exotic locations, new mounts to fly – and this is just the stuff we’ve shown you!
You can catch more of them over on the Steam news page by clicking here
Once you’ve done that – decide on where you want to grab your warbird – whether it be physically on PS5, Ps4 or Switch , digitally or as an addition to your already stacked warbird collection on Xbox / PC – and prepare for August 5th!

Preorder on Nintendo Digital
Preorder Physical Console US
Preorder Physical Console Rest Of World

Steam Sale And Competition

The Steam Summer Sale is still underway, but only until Thursday – you can still save up to 90% on our games, so if you’ve been waiting for the ‘right time’ to grab fantastic indie games at low prices, then this is your sign! NOW IS THE TIME!
Just in case you need a reminder :

That’s a whole heap of savings! You can get a birds eye look over all our offerings AND enter our competition where you can win $100 in steam bucks to buy as many games as you could ever want by viewing the Steam sale event page right here : Steam Sale Event


Games In Italy

Keeping things in Steam focus, they are currently hosting an event focussing on the culture and creativity of development studios from Italy!
The perceptive amongst you will know that this is where the talented teams at Storm In A Teacup (developers of Close To The Sun) and L.K.A (developers of The Town Of Light and Martha Is Dead) hail from!

OBVIOUSLY you should have those games on your wishlist already – but you should also pay a visit to the event page and check out over 150 games all fairing from Italy and showcasing the passion and talent from the region by clicking here


Win ALL of our games!

Yup – not a typo!
We decided to celebrate our own independence in a different way over the weekend – by sharing our love of independent game creation!

We’re inviting you to do the same – by sharing our incredibly hip and totally with the times video creation, and showing us your very own collection or dedication to indie games and why you love them so much!
We’ll pick someone from the submissions later and they will win every game we’ve ever released to date, to grow that indie game collection love even more!

You can see our video and take part in the competition by clicking here

Alright, that’s gonna do it for this week! Get those competition entries in, share your indie love with us and go register for those vinyl notifications!
#WiredLive will be returning this week in a sharp new form and there just might be a surprise or two along the way for Tin Hearts and Arcade Paradise enthusiasts later in the week.

I’ll be back here on Monday with all the latest news and hype – In Case You Missed It!

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