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ICYMI – We Come In Peace

Hello Wired Family, another Monday rolls into view with another update of all of the news you may have missed in a handy digestible format – you lucky people! This week we’ll be talking over our very own TOTALLY ORIGINAL VIDEO GAME INSPIRED BY NOTHING OTHER THAN OUR OWN GENIUS (okay, and maybe a classic arcade game and a community photoshop), celebrating the steam summer sale and giving condolences to our wallets, and hooking you up with the chance to win $100 in steam credit!

Sounds good right? Let’s get started!


  • Steve Invaders Has Landed
  • The Steam Summer Sale
  • TL;DR Tiny Troopers
  • One night with Doug
  • Steam Competition Hype!


Steve Invaders Has Landed!

We don’t want to alarm you – but unidentified flying objects have been spotted in the skies above Wired HQ!
They assure us they are coming in peace, but just to be on the safe side – you can jump into your very own Wired cannon and start blasting them out the sky – protecting the indie game goodness we all love!

A much loved community submission to our ‘photoshop a Steve’ competition, we loved the idea of space invaders with Steves face SO MUCH that we went and made it into an actual game – and then put it on our website for free so you can all play it!
Get some practice in – we’ll probably do a high score competition on this soon, get collecting those Rare Rainbow Steves.

(Yes that’s a sentence I just got paid to type)

Take on the Steve Invaders by clicking here : Steve Invaders

The Steam Summer Sale

Summer, summer, summertime! Time to clear some hard drive space and apologise to your wallet!

Well, thankfully if indie games are your bag you wont be apologising QUITE so much because you can save a handsome amount on our titles in the steam summer sale!
How much I hear you ask? Glad you asked!

Wired Deals

That’s a whole heap of savings! You can get a birds eye look over all our offerings by viewing the Steam sale event page right here : Steam Sale Event

TL;DR Tiny Troopers

We dropped a fresh new TL;DR last week – taking the camera for a rare adventure to the production side of the company and asking Senior Producer Kevin to give us a mission briefing on Tiny Troopers Global Ops!



Take a quick detour to the briefing room and get up to speed with your upcoming mission (watch the video – for those not hot on metaphors) , then report to the mess hall and register interest in joining the squad today! (Go wishlist on Steam) right here : Tiny Troopers Steam 

One Night With Doug

One night with Cockle makes a hard man humble or so they say – thankfully we put that rumour firmly to rest by spending an entire stream with the legendary voice actor himself in aid of celebrating the gorgeous Black Label #01 : Victor Vran pre-orders!
The physical loving team at Limited Run games played gracious hosts for the day as Gary and Doug took them on a tour of the spider filled streets of Victor Vran, showcasing all the demon slaying action on offer, listening to some fascinating anecdotes about Dougs experiences as a Witcher and filling everyone with BUY THE BLACK LABEL COLLECTION propaganda!



A good time was had by all! So go catch up on the show – and once your sufficiently ready to P U R C H A S E – head on over to the Wired store to get your pre-orders in, or to the Limited Run store for those of you in the US.

USA Black Label Preorders
Wired Black Label Preorders 

Steam Competition Hype!

It wouldn’t be a sale without another fantastic Wired competition to back it up!
We’ve got a brand new one on the go RIGHT NOW where you can win yourself $100 (or equivalent currency depending on location) for simply checking out our spicy social content, sharing some cool things, or playing our games!


Sounds like a pretty good deal right? We think so too!
The competition is running until the end of the summer sale (in about 10 days) so you still have time to get your entries in – but why wait? Enter now then kick back and cross those fingers by clicking here : Competition Page


Alright that will do us for today, go enter that competition, save a ton of money in the sale, check out the TL;DR and stream then get that Steve Invaders practice in! Then go forth and enjoy a week of sun (maybe) and video games.
I’ll be back with you on Monday with a list of all the news, memes, competitions and hype from the world of Wired – In Case You Missed It!

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