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ICYMI – Warbirds, Lina and Awards, Oh My!

Hello again Wired Family and welcome to another instalment of ICYMI!

We have a LOT to cover this week, from new members of the team, awards, warbirds, competitions and so much more – but before we begin, I’d like to remind you that if you enjoy our content go ahead and give the video a like and subscribe to our channel and let us know what content you’d like to see in the comments of the linked video!

Additionally, we’ll be giving a copy of Deliver Us The Moon to one lucky viewer who answers the following question :

“What is the name of Lina’s space faring alter ego on Twitch?’

As always you can view the video below keep an eye out for clues and good luck!





  • The Falconeer Warrior Edition
  • DUTM soundtrack Award
  • Introducing Lina
  • #WiredLive schedule
  • Oculus SIOW Comp
  • This Weeks Sales

The Falconeer Warrior Edition

Starting off the news, we announced that The Great Ursee is getting MUCH bigger!
The Warrior Edition of The Falconeer is taking to the skies on August 5th, and will bring our warbirds to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for the very first time!

It includes all of the currently released DLC as well as a huge new upcoming expansion!

We’ll be talking more about the unique features coming to the PlayStation 5 version in the form of DualSense usage and more of the specs and what to expect from the new expansion in the coming weeks – but you can wishlist the game on your PS5 RIGHT NOW (which you should!) and pre-order on Nintendo Switch today (which you should also do!)

Oh, and current residents of the Ursee fear not, Xbox and PC players will also be able to purchase the new expansion included in Warrior Edition, and the big ‘Warrior’ Update which will introduce some great quality of life improvements will also be pushed onto existing platforms at the same time.

No bird left behind!

Preorder The Falconeer On Switch Here

DUTM Soundtrack Award

Moving from the skies to the stars, last week Sander Van Zanten was awarded Best Original Composition in Video Games in the Buma Awards!

The soundtrack of Deliver Us The Moon is a HUGE part of what makes the game so memorable and the award could not be any more deserved, we couldn’t be prouder of him! WELL DONE SANDER!

Say Hi To Lina!

Whilst we are space bound this is a pretty good opportunity to welcome our newest member of the team! Lina has joined us as a community manager to co-pilot with Gary and help make community content around the games you’ll grow to love!

She’s spent the past 5 years growing her own Twitch community using her space-faring alter ego ‘Commander Ivy’ built on indie gaming and strong story driven narratives – and even helped us launch Deliver Us The Moon on console during our unforgettable launch stream!

She’s all about that space, with an undying love of Mass Effect, photography and is an excellent ukulele player – WELCOME ABOARD LINA!


Alina Prytkova


Wired live schedule

On Wired Live this week we have a fascinating interview with Luca from LKA taken from Wired Direct about Martha Is Dead for your enjoyment tomorrow – followed by a birthday celebration on Thursday of the 1st anniversary of Those Who Remain!

We’ll be giving out copies of the game, interviewing the developers, playing horror games with them and generally spooking up the joint! So join us and drop a follow right here!

Oculus SIOW Comp

We are moving into the final week of Mental Health Awareness Month and we have been overwhelmed with the response you’ve shown in our fundraising streams and spreading the good word of Safe In Our World.

They are currently running another competition where you can win an Oculus Quest 2 simply for following the steps in their social Gleam competition! You can enter by clicking right here!


And finally, today is the last day for you to pick up a variety of our games at fantastic prices on the PlayStation store!

Deliver Us The Moon Digital Deluxe
Close To The Sun Digital Deluxe
Tiny Troopers Ps4
Those Who Remain Ps4
GRIP Digital Deluxe

Are all discounted until the sale ends tomorrow – so if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to grab one of these now is the time to do it!

Alright! That is us done and dusted, go share the warbird hype around the internet, support Safe In Our World with their competition and tune in for the rest of this weeks #WiredLive content and don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay notified of the rest of our content!

I’ll be back on your screens alongside Tegan and the Camel101 team this Thursday for a spooktacular stream – and back again on TUESDAY due to a bank holiday with all the latest news from the World Of Wired, In Case You Missed It

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