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ICYMI – The Edge Of The World As We Know it

Hello again Wired Family! It’s The Edge Of The World as we know it, and we feel fine!

The temperatures are soaring but there’s not enough ice cream in the world to cope with the sheer amount of heat and hype in this weeks ICYMI! There’s a plethora of things to get into, so find a spot in the shade, grab some hydration and prepare to be informed!


  • The Falconeer Edge Of The World
  • The Vinyl Countdown
  • New Martha Gameplay
  • Wired @ DreamHack
  • This weeks Sales!


The Edge Of The World

We are but WEEKS away now from the launch of The Warrior Edition of The Falconeer on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on August 5th, however veteran Falconeers on Xbox and PC won’t have to purchase the entire game again to get access to the shiny new content included! The Edge Of The World is the biggest expansion pack created for The Falconeer so far! Adding new locations, mini campaigns, mounts and weaponry – and whilst included in warrior edition by default, is available to pick up independently on Xbox and PC to bring you up to speed with all the latest Ursee antics!

We have a brand new trailer showcasing some of the new locations, as well as the fearsome shock lance right here :



The pre-order pages for the DLC aren’t live yet – BUT you can swing on over to steam and stick it on your wishlist right now – and recieve a warbird notification when it goes live by clicking right here : Edge Of The World Steam Page 


The Vinyl Countdown

Whilst we are on the subject of The Falconeer, we dropped another track from the masterful OST on Twitter this week – if you think it sounds good there, just imagine how it will sound through a proper vinyl player!
The double deluxe vinyl notifications are still available for you to sign up for, giving you first dibs on them when they become available for pre-order!

You can check out Tomas personal favourite track on the OST by clicking right here : OST Sample 
And also visit the vinyl page to sign up for notification here : Vinyl Page

New Martha Gameplay

EGX kicked off last week in a digital form and the internet was ablaze with new gameplay, interviews and trailers for some fine indies!
Our upcoming thriller Martha Is Dead was amongst them! featuring an interview from Luca (of LKA games) and some brand new footage showing some gameplay straight from Tuscany!

We’ll be hosting the video ourselves later this week, but if you simply CANNOT WAIT and want to see more Martha NOW NOW NOW! then look no further!



Thrilling stuff right? If this has spiked an interest in antique photography and Italian culture, then hit the link right here and get Martha on your wishlist! : Martha Wishlist


Wired @ DreamHack

Speaking of online events, Dreamhack is back in an all digital form this year – including an actual online game – that you can take part in! Creating your own avatar, navigating virtual booths, playing games – checking out cool interviews and more!

Oh, and we’ll totally be there – because of course we will!
You can go and bag yourself a FREE ticket to the event RIGHT NOW by visiting the Dreamhack page linked in our tweet – go give it a look, sign up and come say hi during DreamHack – we have lots to show you!

Dreamhack Signups 


Sales This Week

We currently have TWO (count ’em) games for sale on Switch as we speak, or sci-fi time disrespecting thriller ‘Close To The Sun’ and The micro scale MASSIVE action of Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL – as well as GRIP for PC currently being on sale on the Humble store for 82% off!

Hit the links below for a quick trip to the bargains!

GRIP – £3.62
Close To The Sun – £9.99
Tiny Troopers – £2.49

And with that, we bring this weeks update to a close, go check out the new trailer and Martha gameplay, sign up for Dreamhack, grab a bargain or two and stock those wishlists high!
WiredLive is still undergoing maintenance in the background, though we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its reinvention – so until you can catch my face back on your screens, stay hydrated, and I’ll catch you this time next week with all the latest news – In Case You Missed It!


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